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Those who live under arbitrary power do...approve of liberty, and wish for it; they almost despair of recovering it...Hence it is a common observation...that our cause is the cause of mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own. It is a glorious task assigned us by Providence; which has, I trust, given us spirit and virtue equal to it, and will at last crown it with success.


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Date Title Read
12/04/2012 Freedom Egyptian Style read it
01/04/2012 A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs read it
01/01/2012 Just a few thoughts read it
08/25/2011 Do You Believe in Global Warming? read it
08/15/2011 Know the counterarguments read it
08/13/2011 Demanding mutually exclusive things read it
08/12/2011 Bill Bonner Speaks About Zombies read it
05/12/2011 Great thought from Whisky and Gunpowder Email Newsletter on May 11, 2011 read it
05/07/2011 Another great idea from Bill Bonner read it
04/16/2011 Who Makes The Rules? read it
09/22/2010 The Biggest Business of Them All: The Feds read it
07/05/2010 Who makes the rules? the people or the government read it
06/26/2010 Trading Liberty for Freebies is Dangerous read it
06/24/2010 Why do people not vote for prosperity? read it
05/17/2010 What Bargain Are You Willing to Make? read it
05/08/2010 Racial Profiling read it
04/26/2010 To Peg Or Not To Peg? read it
04/07/2010 Social Justice or Social Injustice? read it
02/11/2010 Economics read it
03/02/2009 The Government Can't Solve It read it
02/20/2009 Preparing for the future read it
02/18/2009 Connecting the dots read it
02/10/2009 Rescuing the economy read it
02/03/2009 Simple explanation of current economic crisis read it
01/29/2009 Assumptions are a dangerous thing and a powerful propaganda tool read it
01/29/2009 Progressives are a dangerous lot read it
01/27/2009 Bernanke Paints Himself Into a Corner (www.dailyreckoning.com) read it
01/22/2009 Truth...Straight at you... from www.dailyreckoning.com read it
01/21/2009 Obama's Bold Shift Action read it
01/20/2009 Inauguration Day and the Loss of More Freedom read it
01/18/2009 Government Gone Insane (www.dailyreckoning.com) read it
01/15/2009 Wealth Does Not Come By Force read it
01/14/2009 The Baddest Bank in the West (FROM www.dailyreckoning.com) read it
01/12/2009 Group Think is Often Immoral read it
01/09/2009 SAID THE JOKER TO THE THIEF by Bill Bonner (www.dailyreckoning.com) read it
01/05/2009 Will You Stand Idly By? read it
01/03/2009 Just another rant to a friend read it
12/30/2008 The breakdown of the world money machine (www.dailyreckoning.com) read it
12/30/2008 Clay Kingdoms by Bill Bonner (www.dailyreckoning.com) read it
12/22/2008 An Open Letter to Anyone in Congress with a Heart and a Brain read it
12/21/2008 Biden, the working man's czar read it
12/18/2008 Another great piece from www.dailyreckoning.com and Bill Bonner read it
12/17/2008 More silliness from Washington read it
12/07/2008 Obama and His Blind Spot read it
12/07/2008 Open Letter to Rep Abercrombie read it
12/05/2008 GONOISM! read it
12/04/2008 Great Explanation About Inflation and the Federal Reserve from www.dailyreckoning.com read it
11/27/2008 Great Turkey Story from DailyReckoning.com read it
11/18/2008 Random Thoughts from a Spanish Class read it
11/13/2008 HELL, MEET HANDBASKET read it
11/09/2008 Confusing capitalism and socialism read it
11/06/2008 Questioning the obvious read it
11/06/2008 PLAYING THE TAX CREDIT CARD by Jim Davidson read it
11/05/2008 AN INTERVIEW WITH RON PAUL... Great explanation of what is financially ailing America read it
11/05/2008 A few musings about President Obama read it
11/03/2008 Three Conversations I Had Today read it
11/02/2008 Discovering what happened to America read it
10/22/2008 A few thoughts during the week read it
10/12/2008 Musings from afar read it
10/05/2008 Musings about the financial crisis and politics read it
09/28/2008 The Federal Reserve + The Federal Government = Our Economic Problems read it
09/19/2008 Rant against Joe Biden... I hate people like him read it
09/14/2008 The fallacies of economic subsidies and government payments read it
08/27/2008 An Open Letter to Congress read it
08/26/2008 Thoughts from the first two days of the Democratic National Convention read it
08/21/2008 Bart Stupak is an economic idiot read it
08/14/2008 Why progressive taxation is bad for the lower and middle classes read it
08/10/2008 Question all assumptions and scientific pronouncements read it
08/03/2008 Just another rant or two read it
08/03/2008 Gay marriage and rights... just some random thoughts read it
07/28/2008 Why should I apologize for the past? read it
07/23/2008 Progressive Contempt For Freedom read it
07/12/2008 Protecting the rich from the poor read it
07/12/2008 Fair or Law read it
06/21/2008 Changing the meaning of words means loss of freedom read it
06/17/2008 Barack Obama and Al Gore... Fake Change read it
06/06/2008 No government has the right to force equality upon its people read it
06/03/2008 Barack Obama and Socialism read it
06/03/2008 Business or Government: Who is the real enemy? read it
05/29/2008 Politicians and the Poor read it
05/13/2008 Clean Energy = Socialism read it
05/06/2008 Thoughts on Barack Obama read it
05/06/2008 Barack Obama and the Obvious read it
05/04/2008 The proper role of the President read it
04/27/2008 Question everything or lose your freedom read it
04/22/2008 Used Car Salesmen = Most Politicians? read it
04/20/2008 Three Pillars of Any Good Government read it
04/12/2008 The solution to the problem is not more of the problem read it
04/08/2008 Why I Question Global Warming read it
04/01/2008 Is socialism better than corporatocracy? read it
04/01/2008 A Politicians Favorite Pasttime: Attacking Oil Companies read it
03/29/2008 Can a leader be pragmatic without being ideological...Barack thinks so read it
03/28/2008 Google and Earth Hour read it
03/22/2008 Who will save your soul? read it
03/20/2008 Why is freedom so important to defend read it
03/18/2008 Greed and Anti-capitalists read it
03/14/2008 Central planning into economic ruin read it
03/13/2008 Two kinds of politicians read it
03/07/2008 Private Property read it
03/02/2008 From King George to President George read it
02/29/2008 Money and Government Jobs read it
02/28/2008 Barack Obama's Plan for America Part 1 read it
02/27/2008 Third Party Agents of Change read it
02/20/2008 Our unhealthy economy and why it is so read it
02/09/2008 Think about it.... A world I want to live in read it
02/09/2008 The real cause of homelessness... Government interventionism read it
01/28/2008 The Sophistries of Politicians read it
01/21/2008 Untrained politicians and the economy? What? read it
01/13/2008 National Interests versus Government Interests...Are they really the same? read it
01/11/2008 Letter to Representative Abercrombie read it
12/26/2007 Socialism and America read it
12/12/2007 Capitalism vs. Socialism read it
11/09/2007 Why I hate government regulation read it
10/26/2007 Correspondence with Senator Akaka about Taxes read it
10/24/2007 Rich Politicians and the War on Poverty...The Real Story read it
10/22/2007 Government Should Not Solve Most of Our Problems and Here's Why read it
10/19/2007 Letter to Federal Reps read it
10/18/2007 Incentives read it
10/16/2007 Hawaii...a state of men, not of laws read it
10/09/2007 Communism, Socalism, and How America is Being Destroyed read it
10/03/2007 Appeal for Freedom read it
10/02/2007 Entitlement Programs in Hawaii... What a waste. read it
10/01/2007 Health Care in America read it
09/25/2007 Misconceptions about the Constitution Explained read it
09/22/2007 The Beauty of the Constitution read it
09/18/2007 Taxing the rich and giving to the poor only works in the movies read it
09/14/2007 Why I hate liberal thinking... a few examples read it
09/12/2007 When government divides us read it
09/06/2007 Superferry in Hawaii read it
09/05/2007 When your senator laughs at your serious questions read it
08/30/2007 This week in my mind read it
08/24/2007 Of course there is a military solution in Iraq read it
08/23/2007 Email to Representative Abercrombie and Hirono read it
08/22/2007 Are you being manipulated? read it
08/21/2007 Silly, silly disrimination and race laws read it
08/20/2007 Who is the real problem? read it
08/19/2007 Open Letter to Hirono and Abercrombie read it
08/14/2007 When Your Representative Does Not Love the Constitution read it
08/12/2007 I can do many things, but should I do everything? read it
08/10/2007 Recent Interaction with the Government read it
08/08/2007 What is the role of government? read it
08/07/2007 What about accountability for homeowners read it
08/06/2007 Infrastructure... the word government hates read it
07/31/2007 Ceding Sovereignty to the United Nations... Why? read it
07/28/2007 Americans and Federal Income Tax read it
07/25/2007 Email to Congresswoman Mazie Hirono read it
07/25/2007 America the Entitled read it
07/24/2007 Letter to my Congressional Representatives read it
07/18/2007 Barack, Oprah, and the Democratic Agenda read it
07/14/2007 The F word read it
07/14/2007 Next Crisis Please read it
07/12/2007 Affordable Housing... It Doesn't Work read it
07/08/2007 Hawaii State Government, Renewable Energy, and Ridiculousness read it
07/04/2007 Reflections on the 4th of the July read it
07/03/2007 More Stupid Ideas for Government read it
07/01/2007 Why more taxes and bigger government... I just don't get it. read it
06/14/2006 Conservatism is dead... courtesy of the Congressman from Ohio read it
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