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How can we expect impartial decision between the General government, of which they are themselves so eminent a part, and an individual State, from which they have nothing to fear? We have seen, too, that contrary to all correct example, they are in the habit of going out of the question before them, to throw an anchor ahead, and grapple further hold for future advances of power. They are then, in fact, the corps of sappers and miners, steadily working to undermine the independent rights of the States, and to consolidate all power in the hands of that government in which they have so important a freehold estate. But it is not by the consolidation, or concentration of powers, but by their distribution, that good government is effected.

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Letter to my Congressional Representatives
Dear Congressional Representatives,

One of the greatest lessons in life that I have learned is that occasionally in life one has moments where they realize that what they had taken as truth for so long was not really true at all and then they change their way of thinking. That moment for me was the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Before 9/11, I would have blamed America for many of the ills that face the world. This is a product of the liberal public school education that I received. Instead of seeing clearly that those who murdered senselessly 3,000 people at the World Trade Center were not the real problem, I would have blamed America for our failed foreign policies. I have since changed my thinking into the following. America is a beacon of freedom in a world where most people who govern do not believe in the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America does a pretty good job of protecting and supporting nations that believe this way as well. In an imperfect world, America sometimes must choose between two imperfect solutions to a problem. Oftentimes, America's enemies both home and abroad exploit this and twist it so that it makes America look like the enemy. This is exactly what is happening with the war in Iraq and the war on terror. There are evil people out there in the world and these people want to destroy freedom and choice. This war is fighting those people wherever they might be and live. It is a tough war that cannot be one against freedom loving people such as America unite behind this war and see the bigger picture. Sadly, I don't think that you or most of Congress sees the bigger picture on this issue. I would encourage you to support the President in his efforts at supporting freedom, no matter how much it might hurt your political career or your political party. I would also encourage you not to set arbitrary timelines for withdrawing troops.

Let me digress for just a minute to make a point on what will happen if we leave too soon in Iraq. Let me take you back to 1978-1979 when President Carter was in office. President Carter was a moral man, who did not have the stomach to confront terrorism in the face of the Ayatollah. He chose to abandon the Shah who was infinitely better than the Ayatollah's regime for whatever reasons he might have had. In the end, it proved out that we should have never let the Ayatollah gain power. We should have supported the Shah in this matter. By refusing the fight for freedom, we unwittingly gave our support to the Ayatollah. The same choice is before you today. By refusing to fight for freedom in Iraq and elsewhere, will you give your support to Al Qaeda and those fundamentalist homicidal Islamists who would attack this country if they could? The choice is yours. I can only hope and pray that you come to your senses like I came to my senses almost 6 years ago. May God be with you as you face some of the most difficult issues this country has to face in the next several years. May you have the wisdom to choose the right path and the right way ahead. If you choose wrong, my generation of Americans will be left to clean up after your mess. If history is a guide, I fear that liberal Democrats such as yourself will choose to hide and hope that it will not get worse, but as one of Hitler's aides said after the war, the war could have been stopped if Europe had woken up and stop Hitler from building up during the 1930s. Make the tough choices and support freedom directly, instead of supporting Islamic terrorism indirectly.

Regards and God bless America,
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