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ideas > Rant against Joe Biden... I hate people like him

Rant against Joe Biden... I hate people like him
I am fuming inside tonight after I heard Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s running mate; say that it was patriotic for people who make over $250,000 to pay more taxes. He very glibly said that they needed to get with the program. Patriotism means love of one’s country. It doesn’t equate to love of one’s government. Joe Biden, for all his supposed intellect, seems to completely miss that point. I owe nothing to my government. I owe no allegiance. Joe Biden and his comments about government and patriotism are downright scary. They are communistic, Stalinist and tyrannical. Imagine if we had someone like this in the White House. They could just waive the patriotic flag and demand that you turn over your house or your car or whatever based on some arbitrary line on what is rich or not. In fact, this reminds me of what the Communists did in China and Russia. The leaders would rant against the rich and kill or take from them, although they never really defined who these people were. Wake up America. We are walking down this same path. Joe Biden and Barack Obama are just the latest incarnation. If they get power, they will use the power to take your property and your money all in the name of patriotism.

You’d expect this from a man who has been in Congress a long time. I look at the federal government as being nothing more than a big business. Look how poorly it has performed over the last several decades. The federal government, in the name of doing what is good for the American people, has run up a debt of over $10 trillion dollars and that is just what is on the books. They don’t have to balance their books like you or I have to balance our books. They can hide debt. The federal government is the worst run business in history and Joe Biden has the balls to say that it is patriotic to give them more money. Why? Imagine if someone walked up to you with a pistol and said give me money. Would you be mad? Of course you would. Then why aren’t more people mad that Joe Biden and Barack Obama are basically doing the same thing. They are telling you openly that it is your patriotic duty to give up your private property. Get with the program people is their mantra. They are nothing more than socialists and communists. Their lines are the same as those that Stalin and Mao used. They just don’t have the police power that those dictators had, but perhaps someday they will. To be honest, I hate the federal government. I owe them nothing. I owe them nothing because they ignore the Constitution. I owe something to the idea of liberty and freedom, not to the federal government, the world’s most corrupt organization in the world. Joe Biden fails to realize that he is the problem, but then again it would be hard to admit to oneself that you have spent your whole life perpetrating the biggest fraud and scam on the American people. People like Joe Biden do not really love freedom and liberty when they say that it is patriotic for people to pay more taxes. Maybe he should move to Communist China and enjoy that kind of system. If not, shut the hell up Joe. You are a complete moron. You are dangerous. You do not belong close to any kind of power. Barack and you are dangerous to liberty and freedom because you seem to think it is ok to use the power of government to pick on “kulaks”, as the Chinese used to call them, or people that are different. In the Chinese case, kulaks were people who had more than others. How are you any different from Mao? He picked on the kulaks, used force to kill them, and took their land and property. Isn’t that what you want to do? You threaten people by force to give up their money. How is that any different, Joe. You make me sick. You and your kind are the kind of people that the founding fathers hated. They fought against your kind because you seek to trample freedom in the name of security. It is never morally all right to take away from one to give to the other. It isn’t even economically sound. You take away from those who do the best when it comes to providing goods and services to others. That’s why they are rich Joe. Duh!!!! And then you give money to the poor, those who are least good at doing so. Naturally the economy will tank because sure more poor people have money to spend, but there are fewer goods available because those who provide those things have less money to invest and build the goods and services that we want. Joe, wake up. Your philosophy has already been tried in the Soviet Union and in China. It is the old tired class warfare. It doesn’t work. You are an idiot. You are either ignorant or bad. I doubt you are ignorant, so you must be bad. You know what you are saying is not correct, yet you say it anyway because you love power. I hate people like that. They disgust me. You have no right to take money from those who are better off and give to those who are less better off. This is not America. It is Communist China or Russia if you do so.
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