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ideas > Musings about the financial crisis and politics

Musings about the financial crisis and politics
Since I am in Chile for a while, I don’t have the same access to the media that everyone in the states has. That is definitely a blessing right now. I can’t imagine how irritating it is to listen and watch all the news about the financial mess that our country is in right now. Couple that with the impending presidential election and the mass of finger pointing and it’s bound to drive most people crazy. I have been following it a little through the website. I just finished a great book called “Financial Armageddon” and I have to say that the author was spot on with his predictions of the financial mess that we are in right now. He predicted it before it happened. So go out and read the book and get ready for the roller coaster ride that we will be on. Sure the government can always flood the system with paper money, but what are the results and consequences of it. Simply put, the results and consequences are that the economy does what the government, the bureaucrats, and the elected officials want it to do, not what the consumers (you and I) want it to do. To put it even more simply, we get less of the goods and services that we want. Demand outstrips supply and inflation and prices rise. Doesn’t this sound familiar? I suspect that the beginning of the end happened in the 1970s when Nixon took us off the gold standard, thus giving the federal government the opportunity to print money without limits. It should come as no surprise that it is becoming more and more difficult to make ends meet even though we are all making more money than we used to. Hmmm…. Who could be at fault here? We have more of the paper dough and yet it is harder to make ends meet or get the things that we want and need. Do I hear anyone saying “the government is at fault?” Yet, I read and hear of people who think that the Republicans are better than the Democrats or that the Democrats are better than the Republicans. I hear of Madonna doing concerts with images of Hitler and McCain close together while Obama is portrayed as some kind of good influence, perhaps even a savior. It all makes me laugh, because people are so easily mislead and deceived. They honestly believe that one side is better than the other. They have bought into the idea that there are only two choices, when in reality there is a third. Eventually, we will get to make that third choice because the federal government will no longer be able to hide the incredible mismanagement and lies that they are trying to cover up. They have spent us into bankruptcy, filling their pockets and the pockets of their supporters with money, power, and influence, at the expense of the people who vote for them. It is quite ironic to me that Lyndon Johnson declared a war on poverty 40 years ago, yet nothing is better. They tried the high tax rates in the past to solve the war on poverty and it didn’t work. Here we are 40 years later and we’ve got candidates promising the same thing. They are either bad people or just ignorant of history. You make the decision on that one. The truth is that they say what they have to say in order to get control of the money machine that is the government so that they can enrich themselves and their supporters. Notice, I did not say that they enrich the people. They are robbing from you and me and getting rich at our expenses. When the bills become do and the federal government can no longer get more debt, when the government defaults, who will be left holding the bag? That’s right folks, you and I will be holding the bag and those who were in control will be long gone having become richer by the minute at our expenses. They will already have their riches, their houses, their cars, and the commodities they need to survive the economic crisis that is sure to come. And what will you have? You will have dollars that will be worth nothing. Sure the government can print them and give them to you as fast as it wants, but the true sign of wealth is what you can get with them. We all can see this happening right now? Huge financial institutions have gone out of business. Senators have been given sweetheart deals on mortgages from some of these companies. Hello Christopher Dodd and Barack Obama. CEO have come and gone, only they now have millions of dollars in their pockets and we are left holding the tab. The truth is that the federal government and the financial institutions are working hand in hand to fleece America. If you can’t see that, then you are either stupid or blind or just an emotional wreck who doesn’t think straight. The Democrats and the Republicans do not have your best interests at heart. They want to get rich, just like you and I want to get rich. They are no different. The problem with the system as I see it is twofold. First, we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve. It was set up to make sure that we didn’t get into these messes, yet it seems every ten or twenty years that the taxpayers must bail out the Federal Reserve and their monopoly on the financial system because they’ve screwed up. Was America really that bad off without them? Well, let’s see. The Great Depression… caused by the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve. The Savings and Loan Crisis….same thing. The mortgage crisis…. The Federal Reserve. The system doesn’t seem to be working folks. In the real world, when something doesn’t work, you don’t keep using it. You find something else. The key to fixing this problem is to get rid of the Federal Reserve and get rid of Congress’s ability to spend by eliminating progressive taxation and its power to print money from nowhere. Anything else will only lead to a financial Armageddon. Read the book. It’s spot on. I’m going to buy me plenty of commodities and not trust all my savings and hard work in paper money backed only by the full faith and trust of the U.S. Federal government. Anyone who trusts them hasn’t been breathing for the last several decades. Good night and good luck there in the good old USA. It’s not as great a country as people think. There are plenty of other places in the world with freedom and wealth. I live in one of them right now. We could be doing so much better if we could just get the federal government out of the way.
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