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The free market is a decentralized regulator of our economic system. The free market is not only a more efficient decision maker than even the wisest central planning body, but even more important, the free market keeps economic power dispersed.

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A few thoughts during the week
Do people ever stop and think why they worry about the things they worry about? It seems like people only worry about the things that the media labels crisis. Do people even stop and think that perhaps those who label things crises do not really know what is going on? Judging by the conversations that I have with people on a regular basis, it appears that most people only chase the latest crisis of the day. The media is into the business of creating crisis and selling crisis because bad news sells. Also, the government is into the business of creating false enemies in the hopes that people will not really see what is going on. Governments all over the world manipulate their citizens by creating enemies that are not really enemies.

Today I had a conversation with some people and what were they worrying about? Climate change. I told them that I did not believe in man-made climate change and that I did not believe that man was destroying the Earth or that we would destroy ourselves. I mentioned to them the long history of crisis making that has existed in my lifetime. I recounted that in the 1980s, when I was a kid that the media was reporting that we were going to run out of oil by the year 2000. It was the oil crisis and it never happened, but no one was held accountable for their lies and their cries of wolf. Instead, they just moved onto the next crisis. It seems like every election year, we hear about the education crisis or the housing crisis. It seems like the media just slaps the word crisis in front of words to create a news story. More recently, we have had the housing crisis, the mortgage crisis, and on and on. That is all that people talk about. Instead of stopping and thinking for just a few minutes, these people just rehash the talking points they hear on the regular news media. Who invents these crises? Why do they invent them?

Generally those who invent crisis are people that profit either monetarily or politically from these things. Think about it. These people are generally big government lovers. Crises generally come from the liberal left. They benefit from the money that flows to combat these supposed crises. Who is driving the global warming…errrr…. I mean the climate change crisis? It would appear since the world is no longer warming that they had to change the crisis to the climate change crisis. Al Gore and the United Nation are driving this fallacy. Why? Because it makes Al Gore feel important and it brings billions of dollars to people and groups who want to control the lives of billions of people, because naturally they are smarter and more intelligent than us regular dumb folk. Heaven forbid we make any decisions on our own. They honestly think that the world would not be able to get along without them and their crises. Also, governments love to create crises especially when they screw up. Think about the many economic crises that the United States has weathered over the years, from the Great Depression to the Savings and Loan scandals to the mortgage and credit crisis of today. What is the common denominator of these crises? The federal government and Federal Reserve are the common denominators. It would appear that a financial system built upon debt and easy money leads to incredible peaks and valleys. The so called experts are not really experts, for if they were really experts, wouldn’t they have been able to do something to stop these crises? They are nothing more than people who pretend they know what they are doing while at the same time collecting nice fat salaries while we pay for their excess. It should come as no surprise that a financial system based on the monopolistic control of the Federal Reserve would experience this many problems decade after decade. Instead, the politicians who have spent decades building up this scam scream and yell about some crisis. They complain about the evils of capitalism, when they know full well that America is not capitalistic anymore. The government controls everything. How can that be capitalism? Capitalism is about free market. Last time I checked, there is no free market anywhere in the United States. We all use the same US dollar that is inflated year after year by the federal government. It is a scam on such grand proportion that if more people realized what is happening, they would rush to Washington D.C. and demand change right away. Instead, our politicians and leaders create crises, point fingers, scream and yell, and the people I talk to just parrot the same phrases over and over they hear on TV. The truth is that we, the people, should believe very little that we hear on TV or in the media. This is the primary outlet for people that want to control your lives. I just wish more people would stop, drop, and roll. Take a few minutes to question your assumptions. Take a few minutes to ask yourself, “Does this person who cries crisis benefit from their cries of crisis?” Think folks, before it is too late. The federal government is already too strong. The only way to solve the real crisis, which is the meddling of the federal government outside the limits of the Constitution, is to repeal the 16th amendment, get rid of the Federal Reserve, and outlaw the federal government printing money out of thin air. These steps will naturally transfer the power back to the people and their state and local governments. Right now, we have a system that is very similar to the system that our founding fathers fought in 1776.

Finally, I would like to end with a great quote from Ezra Taft Benson, former Secretary of Agriculture under the Eisenhower administration. He said, “Our real struggle, the paramount struggle of all, is between freedom and socialistic communism. Our major danger is that we are currently...transferring responsibility from the individual, local and state governments to the federal government. There is no freedom under full socialism. Our fight is freedom vs. creeping socialism. Socialism is simply: Government ownership and control of the means of production and distribution.”
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