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There can be no place on Earth left where it is safe for these monsters to rest, to train, or practice their cruel and deadly skills. We must act together, or unilaterally, if necessary to ensure that terrorists have no sanctuary-anywhere.

ideas > A few musings about President Obama

A few musings about President Obama
If there is one thing that scares me about President Obama, it is this. He believes that government is good and that it should be trusted, when all of history teaches us the exact opposite. In other words, he believes as all committed socialists believe, that the reason that socialism and big government did work in the past is because the right people weren't trying to implement it. They say, "Forget the tens of millions that were murdered under Stalin and Mao. They just lost there way. If I had the chance to implement socialism, it would be better." Obama believes the exact opposite thing that our founding fathers believed. They learned the hard way what strong centralized government power would do and they declared war on England as a result of the abuse of this strong centralized power. In other words, the founding fathers believed that government was not good by nature, but instead believed that government was a necessary evil. It was a necessity, but it was not good. They attempted to build a system of checks and balances so that power would not be too centralized in the hands of a few, because they understood that eventually that centralized power would be abused.

So, yes, President Obama worries me a little bit because he fails to understand some of the most important lessons of our short American history. He instead believes in the fallacy that government is good by nature and that it should be trusted. It appears he carries the same belief system that many committed socialists of the past have carried. I only hope and pray that over time, he converts his thinking to the way our founding fathers saw things which is closer to reality than the way President Obama sees things right now. If he fails to make that conversion in thinking, then I rightfully have reason to fear for the future of my freedoms and the success of America as a nation of freedom. The founding fathers were wise men who crafted a wise document, the Constitution. I only wish that America and President Obama would be wise as well and return to a government of laws, not of men. Following the Constitution to the letter ensures that we are a nation of laws, not of men and judges. Oh, how I wish people would see that wisdom.
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