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They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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America the Entitled
When did America go from America the Beautiful to America the Entitled? And is it too late to change this back? I hope it is not, because I want to live in an America where people are rewarded for what they do, not for what they donít do. Today in the newspaper, Senator Obamaís big campaign promise was that he would provide universal healthcare for everyone in the United States. He mentioned that there were currently 47 million who are without health insurance. I have several questions for him and for others that espouse this kind of entitlement program.

First, who are these 47 million and how did he come up with these numbers? I suspect that the number of uninsured folks is actually much smaller.

Second, why should we trust the federal government to be able to administer such a massive program when we already see that Social Security and Medicare are in so much financial trouble? Why would I want to give the federal government more power? They wield in such stupid and irresponsible manners. I saw the other day in the news that these programs and the promises that have been made to future entitlement recipients total over $50 trillion dollars. Anyone in their right mind has to see that federal government cannot be trusted with any program of substance or size for two reasons. First, they donít know when to say no. Second, they cover up and lie about what is really going on.

Third, how is universal health care for all going to make our health care system better? We all have been taught that monopolies are bad, and when the federal government starts providing universal healthcare for all, isnít that a monopoly?

Fourth, isnít the problem with healthcare that people are unhealthy? Why are people unhealthy? Isnít it because they choose to be unhealthy? How will rewarding people who make poor choices encourage them to live healthy lives?

In summary, Senator Obama and others who promise such programs do not do so for the good of the people, because clearly entitlement programs clearly do several things. First, they reward poor behavior or poor planning for the future. Second, they take money from hard-working people and redistribute it to others. Third, the federal government has already shown over the last 40 years of massive deficit spending that they should never be entrusted with another American tax dollar or be allowed to ever deficit spend another dollar ever again. Has the massive spending over the last 40 years made America better or worse? You be the judge. Do you feel more financially secure now than decades ago? I suspect that most people do not feel more secure or better off than now? Why is that? I suspect that it because the federal government is taking more and more of your money in creative ways and wasting it on entitlement programs, creative spending, and other federal government boondoggles. Why would you ever trust them again? Youíd have to be crazy to trust the federal government with universal health care. If anything, the federal government should be trimmed immensely. Since when have they produced anything? Perhaps the problem with the American economy is the size of the federal government? There is a tipping point when government actually drags down an economy. We need less government, less entitlement programs, less interference from do-gooder Congressmen, and more freedom from governmental tyranny, which I define as the government constantly taking more and more from the hard-working American pockets. I believe that America can be great, if and only when the size of the federal government is severely slashed and the American people are allowed once again to choose their destiny instead of being told by the elite what to do, what to think, and what to feel by governmental do-gooders.
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