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As American businessmen you must stand up and be counted–else you’ll be counted out...The middle of the road between the extremes of good and evil is evil. When freedom is at stake, your silence is not golden, it’s yellow...Why change the American system which produced the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people in human history, along with the world’s highest standard of living, for socialism...Under any name Socialism has been a miserable failure for 1,000 years...A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything you’ve got.

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Open Letter to Rep Abercrombie
Dear Rep. Abercrombie,

Hopefully you read it before embarking on another screwed up adventure into government interventionism. It's FDR all over. Hurray... Hurray... It's the great depression all over. The only thing that got us out of the Great Depression was the war and the resulting destruction of the manufacturing capabilities of the rest of the world, except for us; but once they rebuilt, we have slowly begun a steady decline which has accelerated through the years as the federal government, led by one party of gonzos or the other, has intervened more and more in the economy and now we have the latest government created mess. My question to you is, "Is it constitutional what you are doing?" And second, "Why is it that the ones who get rich or continue to grow during a recession seem to be the one's tied to the government?" I call upon you to start representing the people and return the power to the people instead of keeping the power amongst the 535 members of Congress who don't have a clue how to manage an economy but seem intent on trying to manage an economy. Central planning doesn't work. The only people that get rich off of it are you, the cronies around the ones in power, while the rest of us are impoverished. I'm of the mindset that what you and the federal government is engaging in right now is nothing short of unconstitutional at best and immoral at worst. It makes it pretty clear in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that the people have the right to seek redress. We are fast approaching that point when Congress refuses to listen to the people and instead follows the dictates of their minds and ideologies. What right do you have paying yourself at least $150000 a year, making sure you receive raises that are inflation adjusted, making sure that your butt is covered, making decisions that hurt the rest of us economically? These behaviors smacks of the King of England in the 1770s. I challenge you to change your ways and start honoring the Constitution and the rights of the people, even though your ideology dictates otherwise. America about freedom, choice, and opportunity, not about government planning, control, and security. The people still get that, but it seems to be that the government has declared open war on these ideas so that you and Congress can line your pockets with our money, our wealth, and our future.



An American
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