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If it were not for my firm belief in an overriding providence it would be difficult for me, in the midst of such complications of affairs, to keep my reason in its seat. But I am confident that the Almighty has his plans and will work them out; and Ö they will be the wisest and the best for us.

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More silliness from Washington
Oh the wisdom of fools, they think they are learned and wise when in fact they are nothing more than fools. Babes know more than they do. The following article reinforced this to me. Today in the following article found at http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/12/17/transition.wrap/index.html, I read some real hummers from Obama. What things does he have in store for America? It sounds like he believes that the direction of this country should come from Washington and not from the people. In other words, we have become what our founding fathers detested, top down, centralized government with direction emanating from those least qualified to centrally plan anything, politicians. Yet these same individuals have incredible egos that must be fed. They have a need to feel important. They have a belief that they are more intelligent than others. They are the worst kind of people. No matter what they do, no matter the consequences of their blunders, they fail to face the truth and they always believe they are doing well. These are the worst kinds of people to run anything, the kind that fail to face the truth. Anyway, Iíd just like to quickly discuss five quotes that I read from this article that honestly made my blood boil and highlight the problems with much of the current political climate.

The article stated that President-elect Obama appointed a Republican, Rep. Ray LaHood, to be the transportation secretary. The press of course lauds him for his ability to reach across the aisle and appoint a Republican. The article I read was full of such quotes as. Obama also appointed former Governor Tom Vilsack, one of his competitors for President in the Democratic primaries to the post of agriculture secretary.
LaHood ďhas the ability to work both sides of the aisle wellĒ

This is exactly what is wrong with the Republicans and the Democrats now. Both sides believe that there are only two sides to the debate. These two sides, in all honesty, are tons of more government and more government. They fail to realize that there is a large part of America that strongly detests both sides and even those who vote do not like what their party is doing. So both parties traipse around acting like it is such a great thing to be bi-partisan. Why not be tri-partisan or quad-partisan and include independents in the discussion or other groups? Iíll answer that one. They are both playing the people for stupid. No matter who is in power, the same people get rich, the lawyers and the lobbyists. So please quit insulting the American people with stupid phrases such as bi-partisan because America is full of many other opinions and most of them do not like either party or what they do.

Obama said, ďTogether they will serve as guardians of the American landscape on which the health of our economy and the well-being of our families so heavily depend.Ē

Why would Americans want politicians, men and women who are trained lawyers most likely, to be the guardians of anything remotely close to the size or power of the federal government or the people? They have shown in this last year alone how terribly inept they are with this massive economic crisis they created, by the huge government debts they are running up, by the senseless spending, by the lies after lies after lies, by their failing to do the will of the people in many cases, by taxing and regulating good American jobs out of existence, from spending the $2 trillion surplus on who knows what, and on and on and on. The list could seriously be endless. That is the truth. Why would anyone want such lame people guarding the American people? Thatís not their job. Thatís their job if you are socialist like Barack Obama is, but that isnít the type of country that is constitutional, moral, or the intentions of our founding fathers. It is an abomination.

Obama again added, ďWith the appointment I announced earlier in the week, and with those I am announcing today, I am confident that we have the team we need to make the rural agenda Americaís agenda, to create millions of new green jobs, to free our nation from its dependence on oil and to help preserve this planet for our children.Ē

Now this is a great one by Obama. What is the rural agenda of America? What is a green job? How will creating green jobs affect the rest of the economy? If you want to free America from the dependence on foreign oil, why does the federal government refuse to allow us to drill for our own oil? Is the planet really in dire need of our protection? And why is it whenever a big government lover wants to grow government, he or she uses the children? The Constitution states that the government should only do things that are for the general welfare of all, not rural America, not black America, not white America, not woman, not midgets, not any race, color, or creed of people. Itís not the governmentís role to decide the winners and losers in life. That is decided by the people in their daily interactions with each other. But socialists think that they can order society the way that they dream it should be even though mountains of evidence from the failed socialist experiments of the past point to the fact or the reality that it canít be done. Socialists fail to realize that socialism cannot be enacted by force from the top down. It can only happen from the bottom up. Top down socialism is evil and therefore the system often ends up in evil with evil consequences, millions of murders, economic despair, etc. Thatís the history. Thatís the truth. But socialists are a stubborn lot. They are infinitely confident in their ability to get it right, evidence be damned.

Obama also added about his energy secretary, Salazar, that he would be more proactive and not be ďsitting back, waiting for whoever has most access in Washington to extract what they want.Ē

Now why would we want Washington to be proactive? Havenít they already created enough of a mess by being proactive? Why would we want them to move fast? Itís usually when they move fast on something without consulting their true masters, the people, that they create the greatest mess. Arenít they supposed to represent the people? If so, why is Congressís approval rating so abysmal? Why is the Presidentís approval rating not much better? It is because they think they are the masters and the people are their pawns, their servants, their slaves, their stupid subjects who could not exist without their blessed ideas and their enlightened help. Yet, they fail to appreciate or see the mess they have created, because to do so would only indict them and their failed ideas and we all have a blind spot in admitting our own guilt, our own shortcomings, etc. So instead, we sit back and watch as America and its politicians march on down the path to all failed countries in the past, the path to top down central planning or the path of socialism. Politicians are not experts at anything. The people they hire are not experts in anything. They are all just getting rich at our expenses while at the same time patting themselves on the back and getting rich themselves. Itís all pretty pathetic if you ask me. Hopefully someday it changes. Hopefully someday the people wake up and realize they are being played for fools by the Democrats and the Republicans and their bi-partisan efforts. Ha.Ha.
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