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As American businessmen you must stand up and be counted–else you’ll be counted out...The middle of the road between the extremes of good and evil is evil. When freedom is at stake, your silence is not golden, it’s yellow...Why change the American system which produced the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people in human history, along with the world’s highest standard of living, for socialism...Under any name Socialism has been a miserable failure for 1,000 years...A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything you’ve got.

ideas > An Open Letter to Anyone in Congress with a Heart and a Brain

An Open Letter to Anyone in Congress with a Heart and a Brain
Why is it that during an economic downturn that Washington D.C. and government do not shed jobs as fast as the private sector? Why is it that government jobs pay much better than private jobs on average? It would appear that the government's of this country are plundering the treasure of the people. Why are you guys sitting back like fat cats and doing this to our country. Government doesn't do much productive. It just gets in the way most of the time. It is no wonder that the economy is tanking so badly. There is too much fat at the top. This country cannot support a government this big and now the Democrats and President Obama are proposing to make it bigger and you call this change. Are you serious? The only solace I have in this is that one day it will all come crashing down and you and your fellow politicians who have contributed to this mess will have no one else to blame or no place to hide, because what will happen is the government will continue to seize more and more of the private sector economy until one day it will own the whole thing, and then who can you blame? Noone. You will own it all and it will crumble because central planning by a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians is infinitely worse than freedom and choice. You can't escape economic laws, just like you can't escape the laws of physics. As the sun rises everyday, I am confident that the federal government will completely screw this economy up even more. Sure you will be able to put an infinite amount of money in our hands, but as we see in Zimbabwe, it isn't the money that matters, it's the stuff that you can get with the money that matters. So why don't you and your foolish counterparts follow Obama's lead and that of FDR and just put America back to work digging holes and filling them up. That is productive work. I love watching all these so-called experts tell me what is wrong with the economy. Oh wait, many of these experts are sitting on the government payroll. Do I see a conflict of interest here? Hmmm, maybe. If they were experts, then tell me please, how come they didn't see this mess coming? That is when I realized that their our no experts in the federal government, only people trying to get more than their fair-share of the taxpayer's money. It's the greatest scam of all time and so far it has worked, but eventually those who are scammed will see what it is and there will be no place to hide. You can only pass the blame on for so long. Then we'll finally do what needs to be done and vote both the Republicans and the Democrats out of office and start over fresh with some people who aren't as foolish as you have all been. What a tragedy to watch this all unfold.

Let's all hope that some of you start seeing the light, before it is too late and before this economy really tanks. I'm not an expert, but I know that the problem with the economy is that the federal government is too large and it is central planning the economy as we speak. Get rid of this crazy policy and the economy will get better.

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