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The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

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Will You Stand Idly By?
What is socialism? Socialism is nothing more than a centrally planned society and the absence of private property. The head of the state dictates ultimately the utilization of all resources and private property. Socialism is an economic theory, but I believe that it is also a religion. Those who follow socialism are ardent supporters of this belief that the world can be changed through directed efforts, through the force of the government from the top down. People can be forced to be good. People can be forced to live in peace. Socialism is a religion which when implemented excludes all other religions or forms of thought. It seeks to extinguish its competition simply because it is an inferior religion when practiced in the real world. Any dissent must be crushed because socialism requires that no competition exists in the world of government, economics, or ideas. Socialism seeks to eliminate political freedom and economic freedom by controlling the information that is disseminated and by eliminating free markets or free exchange of goods and services. It does so in a myriad of ways, but usually it follows the following steps. First, it identifies cases where freedom or free markets have failed. Second, it demonizes it enemies or those who support freedom and free markets. It uses propaganda to do so. Third, creates a system of planning through regulations and taxation. Naturally, it hides its efforts behind such words as “safety”, “common good”, and “social justice.” All of this would not be possible except for the use of propaganda. Sure freedom and free markets have problems. All systems have problems. But what socialism does well is that it demonizes its competition in such an effective way that people demand the downfall of freedom and free markets, not realizing that what they are replacing it with is much, much worse. This is a classic propaganda trick employed throughout his. Get the people worked up in anger at some supposed or actual injustice, get them to demand change, and then implement a system that is much worse in reality, but which allows a small group of power hungry egotistical elites to wield supreme power over the masses.

Interestingly, one of the most effective means of doing this is to demonize freedom and free markets, first by assigning a name to freedom. The name they have chosen is capitalism. When people are attacking capitalism in reality they are attacking freedom, but the socialist planners are clever enough to realize that they could never get the masses to outright attack freedom. The masses are not that dumb, so instead they created a new word that they could assign any number of failings to it. It would appear today that the causes of all major problems are capitalism and greed, as if greed didn’t exist under other systems such as socialism. Another method they use is to pit capitalism against socialism as if they are exact opposites. Socialism is a belief system or religion that seeks to bring about equality in the world by eliminating private property and using central planning. Capitalism or freedom is neither a religion nor a belief system. It is strictly freedom. It doesn’t seek to eliminate any other belief systems. It simply is a system where people can make free choices to do what they want. Socialism can exist under capitalism, but capitalism cannot exist under socialism. Put another way, socialism can exist within freedom but freedom cannot exist within socialism.

Those who push socialism in reality are nothing more that egomaniacs that have an overinflated sense of their own ability to create a better world. They seek to crush dissent by making fun of it and then using propaganda against it. How do I know this? Just take a look at those who preach socialism. Are they poor? Do they give their wealth away? Of course not. The truest test of one’s devotion to one’s ideals is one’s actions. Clearly their actions have betrayed their true intentions, which are nothing more than to enslave the masses and put them in a position of power from which they can perpetually stroke their egos. They have been remarkably successful up to this point achieving their aims because people have forgotten that the most prosperous society for all is a free society, where people are allowed buy and sell as they wish without being stopped by someone’s arbitrary decision from above.

The truth is that a free society tends to be a prosperous society because everyone must suffer the consequences of their decisions. One learns very quickly when one suffers the consequences of one’s decisions. Socialism, on the other hand, always to less prosperity because people no longer suffer the consequences of their decisions. Instead, the government determines what behavior is acceptable regardless of the consequences and then subsidizes that behavior. It is not a matter of what works, but a matter of what the planners believe. Ultimately, this attempt to mask or cover up the true consequences of behavior that doesn’t work bankrupts a nation. That is what you are seeing today in the Europe and the United States. The socialists or progressives or Communists or liberals or whatever you want to call them are using the government to subsidize poor behavior solely because they believe in that behavior. They could care less whether or not that behavior works. It is a matter of ideals and they are using the government to protect their ideals at any costs.

So what can the people in the United States do? First, they must wake up to the idea that there is a war of ideas currently being waged throughout the world and within their own country. It is the battle that has existed from the dawn of time. It is a battle between freedom and central planning. Second, they must realize that the forces of central planning are winning this battle and because they are winning they are able to spread their propaganda quickly and easily. Third, they must realize that freedom is always better than central planning. Fourth, they must work to do whatever they can to shrink the control of government. They must go to Washington D.C. in person, send an email, make a phone call, protest in whatever way they can, demanding that the socialist ideals that have infected our nation’s government be rooted out, that government spending be curtailed, that taxation and heavy regulation be rescinded, and on and on. Why must they do this? Because if they don’t, their freedoms will be lost completely and they will wake up one day and realize that they have freedoms in name only, but in reality their lives have been planned for them from cradle to grave. The great trophy that the socialists want upon their mantle is the United States. Will you be a part of seeing this happen? Will you continue to sit on the sidelines and watch your freedoms disappear? Will you continue to bury your head in the sand? Finally, how do I know that socialism is well entrenched in the United States right now? Simple, Less than 1/3 of the people support our President and his actions and less than ¼ support our Congress. A government that does not listen to those elected to it is a socialist government. We elect them to do our will, whether they like it or not. When they refuse to do our will, whose will are they following?
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