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No duty is more imperative on...Government, than the duty it owes the people, of furnishing them a sound and uniform currency.

ideas > Inauguration Day and the Loss of More Freedom

Inauguration Day and the Loss of More Freedom
I spent inauguration day in Chile. Part of the day I spent reading the US Constitution to find out exactly what role the federal government should be playing in my life. I realized after reading this prized document that so many politicians, including Obama and Bush and many presidents before them swear to uphold and defend, is not really paid attention to anymore. It is clear from this document that the governmentís role is not to lead the people in any direction. It isnít to determine who wins and loses in the economic arena or in life. It isnít to print and spend money at its discretion. Its sole responsibility is to defend its people and to make sure that everyone plays by the same rules. When the government takes the role of leadership in a nation, when a people turns to the government first for an answer, the nation is no longer a free nation, but it is a nation that is centrally planned. It is a nation that on the surface respects private property and liberties, but in reality does not honor any of these values. Obama speaks of community service and collectivist ideas. This is not the role of the correct role of an honest and just and moral government. And honest, moral, and just government treats all people the same before the law. America no longer and hasnít had for some time, if ever, an honest, moral, or just government. From its very inception, it allowed slavery to exist. Now it enslaves its people in taxation and regulation, taking away their freedoms to dispose of their private property as they see fit or to make economic relations with whomever them like. Take Cuba for example. Why canít Americans fly to Cuba, vacation in Cuba, or have economic relations with Cuba; yet the federal government does business with China, a communist nation with an appalling human liberty record? Obama will continue us down the path of old, tired collectivist thinking. He will call us to service. He will expect obedience to his grand vision of the world. If you dare to differ from his vision, his millions of devoted followers will browbeat you into submission unless you are strong. There have always been sycophants in this world and Obama will have more than his share of them. His sycophants will fail to realize that the very liberties they love are no longer theirs. When government leads, liberty dies because government telling people what to do or expecting service and devotions means that there can be no diversity of opinion. Only the opinion of the government and its leader-kings matter. When people fail to realize that the mess we are in is because the government has created this mess. When people blame capitalism for the problems they face instead of socialism and the governmentís socialist policies of central banking, progressive taxation, and regulation, then hope is lost. When people cannot see clearly what the problems are, they are easily mislead by a nice looking, well-speaking sycophant in his own right, Barack Obama. He, too, is blinded by the theology of the left, the theology that blames all problems on traditional ways and thinking, on capitalism and freedom. I recently read an article that talked about the liberal view of the Great Depression, how it was the government that rescued capitalism. That is a convenient, distorted view of history that naturally supports the liberal, socialist viewpoint that government is the great savior. It mixes very little truth with a healthy dose of lies. Around 1910, capitalism as we knew it died with the invention of the Federal Reserve and progressive taxation. Before the Federal Reserve, no one had a monopoly on money. After the Federal Reserve, the government and its politicians, many of whom are dishonest schemers, now controlled the money. Before the progressive taxation, the federal income tax rate hovered around 2 to 3 percent. A few years later, the highest marginal tax rate hit over 60%. Capitalism or the freedom to decide with whom you have economic relations effectively died. A new system of government was born, a system called mercantilism, which is nothing more than people going to Washington to lobby and seek handouts from the federal government, or the biggest corporation in town. There was no more capitalism. Fast forward 20 years or less, and you have the Great Depression. The Great Depression happened during a time of great government intervention in the markets, restrictions and regulations and tariffs, higher taxation, and government meddling. Clearly, there was no capitalism or free markets in this era, yet people who hold onto the liberal, socialist theology twist history to fit their belief system. Unfortunately, they have been very successful at deceiving a good majority of Americans. People have been so deceived for so long, they cannot connect two dots together. They canít sort through their distorted view of reality. The one constant in the increasing federal debt, the slow moral decay of this country, the weakening of individual responsibility and freedom is the federal government. No other player has been around for all of these things, yet the drumbeat of socialism marches on as they continue to blame capitalism for all their ills. It is such a convenient lie which reinforces their warped view of the world and their desire to control and show the world that they are smarter than the rest of us louts, that they have been blessed and born to lead. Obama is the perfect incarnation of their belief system. He is a genuinely nice folksy man who unfortunately has swallowed whole the slanted and untruthful viewpoint of the socialist history of the world, the viewpoint that blames capitalism for the ills of the world when in reality it has been the socialist, mercantilist policies of the world that have been to blame. It just goes to show you that even the best and the brightest often see the world the through the most dimly lit light. God bless Obama and his liberal, progressive, socialist following that they may see the light that liberty and freedom and its corresponding economic system of capitalism are clearly a better alternative than security and government control and central planning and its corresponding economic system of socialism. Freedom has never been the enemy of the people, but those who desire to control and lead the masses towards their vision of the world through coercion of taxation and force have always been the enemies of the people. That is the view of the world that our founding fathers had. That is the view they enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. That is the view that hardly any of our politicians now, including Obama and Bush, subscribe to. They wish to control and coerce people into following their collectivist thinking because they feel that the socialist viewpoint of the world is correct and they know best what is best for us. Oh, it truly is a sad day in the world when the last great hope of freedom has decided decades ago to forego freedom for the promise of security only to realize that the government security promised them always leads to huge debts and economic devastation. There is not security in an unsecure world except the security of hard work, but even that is undermined by a federal government that prints money out of nowhere, spending it as it sees fit, only to undermine the hard work of so many. For when the federal government gets money for no work, that only diminishes the hard work of others. It is a form of counterfeiting that only a government that has a monopoly control on the money supply can perform. We have come a long day from our founding moments as a nation. I long for the real change, not the fake change that Obama so smoothly promises the masses. I long for a change towards freedom, not towards the socialism that Obama offers. For me today, I will mourn the election of a man that subscribes to socialism and collectivist thinking, to the idea that government is good, to the idea that it is moral to steal from the rich and give to the poor, to a man that believes that the law should not be blind, that special benefits should be subscribed to particular groups of people in the name of social justice. Today is not a happy day for freedom.
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