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Historian Glover, Oxford University Quote

It is better for the development of character and contentment to do certain things badly yourself than to have them done better for you by someone else.

ideas > Assumptions are a dangerous thing and a powerful propaganda tool

Assumptions are a dangerous thing and a powerful propaganda tool
Why do people assume that we have to be more energy efficient? Why donít people assume that the Earth is full of unlimited amounts of energy? If you make that assumption, instead of the assumption that the Earth is running out of energy, then this whole green energy movement becomes pointless. Your assumptions often determine what you believe. Instead of people questioning the assumptions behind the green movement or even questioning who is behind the green movement, people just blindly assume that we are running out of energy. People need to take a breather really quick and ask themselves, do they really believe we have an energy crisis and if so why? Do they really believe the earth is anywhere near running out of fossil fuels? Why is it that the oneís pushing for green energy and reduction of fossil fuels just happen to be liberals who want bigger government and generally believe in controlling other peopleís lives and have a general contempt for the regular folks? If Al Gore really believed what he is teaching, why does he have huge energy bills on his house? Why does he travel around in private jets? It is easy to mislead people when you get them to believe that your assumptions are infallible. Once you look past the assumptions of global warming or the energy crisis or whatever the ďit crisisĒ of the day is, you quickly realize that the basis of their ideas are assumptions that cannot be proven or that are weak at best. If you look closely, you realize very quickly that those who are pushing these ideas are generally in the liberal or progressive camp. These are the same people that want big government and that want to control peopleís lives. The fact that most of these people are in one camp or in one party should give people cause and help them to realize that these ideas are nothing more than ways to control people and to take away their liberty. The truth, as I see it, is that the earth was designed for man and woman to use. We are the kings and queens of this world. We donít need the environmentís permission to use what is here. The Earth is full of energy, almost unlimited energy. Sure we should watch how we pollute it, but only to protect other people from diseases and such. Pollution is a necessary byproduct of development and of making life easier. To eliminate pollution would send us back to the caveman days, but once again there are environmental groups, once again progressives and liberals, who donít care if we go back to the caveman days, as long as they extract money and power from the people. They want the benefits of pristine environments as long as others pay them to lead and as long as they donít have to put up any of their money to do it. So what is the moral of this little story? Question the assumptions underlying any argument that progressive and liberals make and you generally will find false assumptions that they portray as truths for the sole purpose of gaining power and control over people and for the purpose of putting them in positions of power.

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