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The only proper rule is never to fight at all if you can honorably avoid it, but never under any circumstances to fight in a half-hearted way. When peace comes it must be the peace of complete victory.

ideas > Progressives are a dangerous lot

Progressives are a dangerous lot
Everyone has ideas on how to make the world a better place, but there is one group of people that is especially dangerous. It is the liberal and progressives because of the method they use to make the world better. Some of these ideas used to make the world better have never been tested in the real world to see what the consequences are. Most of these ideas fall into the category of progressive ideas such as gay marriage, abortion on demand, full-time daycare, etc. While people may love these ideas and be convinced that they will work, they have no evidence that they will work. The problem with progressive ideas is that they have never been tested in the real world and no one knows if they work. Judging by the effect that these new progressive ideas have had on the family over the past few decades, it can be safe to assume that these ideas do not work judging by the decay of society since their mass inception. Another difference between those who hold progressive ideals and those who donít is that progressives are willing to use the government to force their change upon other people. This is such an anti-liberal or anti-liberty stance. It is immoral, for no one has the right to force ideas upon one another. Progressives use interesting tactics to force these ideas upon others. First, they pretend they are martyrs. Second, they confuse people by claiming that they just want such things as equal rights. Not everything one wants is equivalent to a right. Third, they shame people into following them. They make people feel uncool for not following the new progressive thinking. Fourth, they shout down those who oppose their ideals. In summary, we all want the world to be as we want it to. Progressives are willing to use force and the government to bring about their ideas. Therefore, progressive are dangerous when they are in power for they will use the evil methods of force and government to get their way.

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