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The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.

ideas > Ceding Sovereignty to the United Nations... Why?

Ceding Sovereignty to the United Nations... Why?
I recently read a clever news article on USAtoday.com (read article) about a treaty that the USA needs to sign in order to get in on the bonanza of oil, natural gas, and other resources located in the Arctic. I read this article with interest and noticed that the name of the treaty was not mentioned at all. The author of the article kept telling me that the USA must sign this treaty in order to get at these natural resources. I thought this was strange because usually one never finds a major newspaper such as the USA Today advocating drilling for oil in the pristine Arctic. I also found it strange that the name of the treaty was never mentioned. I did some research and found out this treaty is called the Land and Sea Treaty. This treaty was created by the United Nations and in essence gives the UN control of most of the world's oceans and would make it illegal and would require the USA to share technology with other countries as well. In essence, the USA would cede sovereignty to the UN. Does the UN own the Arctic? The answer is no. So then why should the USA sign this treaty? We shouldn't. If we want the natural resources in the Arctic, we can either go take them and claim first come first serve or else negotiate directly with other countries to get them. Ceding any sovereignty to an organization as corrupt as the United Nations is a bad idea and unconstitutional as well. The United Nations is full of leaders and people who do not value individual freedom and justice, so why would we cede any control to these people. The world's nations collectively and individually generally do not have the same outlook on freedom that America has. We should never sign this treaty and should instead exit the United Nations. There can come no good out of our relationship with the United Nations because the UN reflects the collective will and thought of countries that do not share our views on freedom in general, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The UN is constantly undermining and attacking the United States. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Here a few good links to read for about the Land and Sea Treat (LOST).


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