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Marcus Tullius Cicero Quote

Our history teaches us that when a government is honest and just and virtuous taxes are light. But when a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant, and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate self.

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Connecting the dots
I wish that I could play as loose and fast with words and facts as well as most politicians, especially those politicians that believe that government is the answer for what ills society. It is typical of people like this to stick to their vision of the world in spite of facts. Wall Street crashes, the housing market shrinks, the financial sector is in a mess, construction drops, and so on and who do they blame? They blame the free market. They blame capitalism. They cry for more regulation. They cry for more protection. They claim that they just want to protect the children, the defenseless, or those without voices. But the markets are not free. Take a look at the hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations on the books. How can a market be free when it is shackled with that? People cannot decide freely what economic associations they want to make. They must choose from a limited amount of options that the government decides that you should have. Isn’t it nice to be treated like nothing more than a defenseless baby? And they have the gall to think that we believe that some bureaucratic employee knows better than I do about what choices I should make? If that isn’t the epitome of offensive behavior, then it must be close. Capitalism is not to blame, for capitalism is just another word for economic freedom or free markets. So if the politicians are lying about the cause of this whole mess, the next question is why? It is because they want to fit the facts into their vision of the world. The hardest thing for anyone to admit that they have wrong is their vision of the world and how it works. It takes almost a shock to the system to get someone to change. And second, these types of politicians want the money and power that goes along with being the one responsible for doling out the goodies. Take a look at your Congressman or President. How much do they make? They make well over $150,000 a year to start and for what? Look at the mess that we are in now. These buffoons created the non-free market system that all these boondoggles exploded in. This is not a free market problem. This is a government intervention problem. For too many decades, the government has been determining where capital and investment should go based on political goals and expediencies, based on keeping their bases happy, and now as Jeremiah Wright put it, “the roosters have come home to roost”. The government has been busily creating government bureaucracies and programs that produce nothing. The government has been busily rewarding terrible behavior with free goods and services by punishing those who play by the rules and work hard, all in the name of socialism justice of liberalism. The facts are that as the government has gotten bigger, the debt has grown more, and the economy has gotten more and more out of whack and what does President Obama propose to make it better? This is the funny part. He wants to borrow, print, and spend more moneys not on things that the people want, but on things that the liberal bureaucrats think that the people should have. So let me see if I get this straight, we have a debt problem. The government has been encouraging people to go into debt. This has benefited the government with rising tax income. It has benefited the financial sector or those who have run the financial sector because they receive money based on the number of transactions. It benefited the government because they could borrow all they wanted. But really, was it a good thing? Is debt every a good thing? What is debt? It’s nothing more than spending tomorrow’s money today and think about how stupid it is to allow politicians, the most despicable lying bunch of all, to spend tomorrow’s money today. If that is not the height of stupidity, then it must be mere centimeters away from the height of stupidity. Until people quit believing the lies coming out of big government politicians who will say and do anything to ensure that they remain in power, kept fat by the government dole, then nothing will g better. It will only get worse. You can’t go into debt and expect things to turn out well in the end. You can’t borrow to solve a debt problem. The problem is the government. They do not exist to protect the people. They exist to enrich the politicians and those who wish to use the government to protect their wealth, because after all it is easier to hire an army of thugs to protect your wealth than to compete in an open and free market, which hasn’t existed in this country for decades.
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