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Eric Hoffer Quote

The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.

ideas > The Government Can't Solve It

The Government Can't Solve It
You canít solve it. I know that politicians always promise that they can solve things, but the things they are trying to solve canít be solved. They are trying to solve the human condition, such as things like poverty, bad luck, disease, etc. Human condition canít be solved. The best opium for the human condition is a society where freedom exists, where people can rise through hard work. Instead, what happens is often the people believe the politicians and their nice words, but all a growth in the government solves is age old question of how the already well to do preserve their money. And the way they do this is by using the government to do so. Look at John Kerry when he ran for President. It was reported he paid something like 12 percent in taxes or something like that and the middle class pays 25 or 30 percent. That is a system that seems like it is designed to not solve the human condition, but to protect the wealthy from any competition. The human condition cannot be solved. Poverty cannot be solved by taking from one to give to the other. This kills the desire to work hard. In the end, the best thing any government can do for its people is provide optimal freedom so that people work out their own lives and are rewarded for their hard work, not step in the way and take a large percentage of their income which punishes them for work. In the end, freedom requires people to be responsible for their lives and their decisions because they alone must bear the brunt of their decisions. Big government is often used by evil and conspiring men and women to implement a value system that is more amenable to them, but in the end defers personal responsibility and creates havoc on society as a whole. In the end, you canít solve much with government intervention. The governmentís role is not to solve problems for the people. That is the role of the people. When the government attempts to solve problems, it creates a 100 more problems.
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