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I am satisfied that when the Almighty wants me to do or not to do a particular thing, he finds a way of letting me know it.

ideas > Social Justice or Social Injustice?

Social Justice or Social Injustice?
I sat next to a gentleman today who started talking to me about the incredible basketball game played between Duke and Butler for the national championship. After talking about the game, we started talking politics and the size of the federal government. I stated that I thought the economic problems we are facing today were caused by the size of the federal government and the central planning involved with all their intervention. He begged to differ. He stated that he thought it was necessary to have all this government to address social justice. Social justice is the idea that groups of people have been wronged in the past and the government must be used to address these social injustices. This idea often resonates with many people until the assumptions and logic behind it are investigated a little closer.

The assumptions that are erroneous are these. Groups never wrong other groups. It is always individuals that wrong individuals. Groups donít kill other people. It is always individuals that kill other individuals. Second, whole groups of people are never wronged. It is always parts of groups that are wronged. All blacks were not slaves in the United States. It was only blacks in the South and then not all blacks were slaves in the South. There were many free blacks in New Orleans. Third, groups that governments come up with, such as white, Asian and Pacific Islander, Hispanic, African American, are just arbitrary groups who sole purpose is to exist so that politicians can incite anger and hate within a certain group of people in order to control them. Think about it, what is a white person? Is it someone with white skin? Is it someone who has a white mother and father? What is a black person? Is it someone who is a deep color of black, someone who is brown, or do there mother or father have to come from Africa? And why is a black person considered an African-American and a white person is not considered a European-American? When governments define groups, they do so in order to curry political favor, not to right wrongs. Fourth, those who injured individuals in the past are long gone and dead. Justice requires that those who wrong an individual pay the price of that injury. It makes no moral sense that a descendant of a slave owner pay for an injury that his ancestor committed by forcefully taking money away from him or her and giving it to a descendant of a black man or woman who came from free blacks in the North? It makes no sense. In fact, that is more wrong than the injustice that they are trying to right.

Sadly, though, most Americans donít take the time to think about who is doing the talking when groups and anger are brought up and they fail to think exactly what do they mean by whatever group they are talking about. The truth is that individuals injure individuals. There is no concept that is morally or ethically true when it comes to group justice or this social justice. Justice can only be applied on an individual basis. The wrongs of the past have been committed in the past. To right those wrongs would require a time machine. Justice requires that we all individually pay for the sins that we commit. To ask someone who never had slaves to pay someone who never was a slave is ridiculous. It is a concept that exists so that politicians can take money from a group of haves and give it to a group of have-nots for the purpose of buying their vote. If I can keep you angry, then I can control you. The end of America as we know it, a land of freedom and opportunity ends when the group of people who believes in this silly concept of social justice outnumbers those who do not.

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