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ideas > Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling
There has been much in the news these last couple of weeks about the Arizona immigration law. The President and various administration officials have spoken out against the law saying that it will lead to racial profiling. Hearing these complaints caused me to reflect upon the US Census and how currently the federal government classifies each of the citizens it counts into a neat little racial category such as White, African-American, Asian, etc. Even though each of us is a mixture of all of these if we trace our genealogy, the federal government looks at us as being one, two, or maybe three of these categories. And why do they care if we are black or white or yellow or pink or green? Because benefits and decisions are doled out by the federal government based on these limiting categories. The federal government currently uses race to decide who gets what and why they get it. The federal government is already in the business of racial profiling. Why should they care if states join the racket too? Listening to Obama and his administration complain about this is rather shallow considering that they already support racial profiling within other areas of the government.
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