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Karl Marx Quote

Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily persuaded.

ideas > Trading Liberty for Freebies is Dangerous

Trading Liberty for Freebies is Dangerous
I recently read a stunning quote written almost a hundred years ago by an inspiring author, Garret Garrett, a leading critic of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt and the New Deal. He said that the socialist had a plan for filling the world with socialism or government planning.

I will attempt to embellish his idea with some thoughts of my own.

First, the socialists would take control of governments by claiming that socialism would make the world a better place, that it would provide plenty without effort, and that the world would be a world of plenty and peace. Naturally, this would fail because capitalism or economic freedom provides much more prosperity than socialism could.

Second, seeing their failings but unable to accept that socialism is inferior to capitalism in bringing peace and plenty, the socialists would then preach the value and virtues of poverty. They would hold up societies and ways of traditional ways of life as being desireable over the modern world which came about because of the division of labor capable only under economic freedom and private property. They would preach the values of group over individual and the necessity to give a little so that others might have. This would fail too, because teaching people that poverty and its values are the goal does not bring about happiness and plenty.

Third, realizing that poverty does not bring about happiness or a better world, they would then teach that humans should protect and worship mother Earth. Not wanting to give up the importance of their own ideas and self-importance, they will encourage people to give up economic freedom for the love and worship of Earth. They preach the importance of the Earth and animals over the human desire of making their life easier.

Finally, after the people realize that none of these attempts or promises lead to prosperity, plenty or an easy life and begin to demand a return to economic freedom and prosperity, the socialists will turn upon reason itself and assert that proof does not matter, that they are right no matter what and they will cling and fight and use all of the political institutions and power to control people.
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