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ideas > Who makes the rules? the people or the government

Who makes the rules? the people or the government
Obama seems to love getting a group of Congressmen and Senators together to tell them what he wants for legislation. Isnít Congress supposed to do the will of the people, not the will of President Obama and those special interests that back his campaign and that supported him in getting elected? President Obama does not seem to understand his Constitutional duty to well. His duty is to execute the laws of the land. So far, it appears that he is spending more time telling Congress that he wants immigration reform, health care reform, and carbon taxes and not enough time on defending this land from those who would enter it illegally. He is spending more time on things that he constitutionally should stay out of. Congress should be doing the will of the people, not the will of one man. It is pathetic to watch these Congressmen and women either walk up to the White House to listen to one man tell them what he wants or have them listen to him in Congress as he tells them what would be best for this country.

Where have we gone wrong? It used to be, before the time of the Great Depression, that America was all about the individual, that the government was small, that those who represented us actually did the will of the people for the most part. Now we live in a time where a man, who is so arrogant, like most Presidents, tells Congress what he wants and more than likely Congress will enact it, completely forgetting that Congressís primary responsibility is to do the will of the people. Take a look at Congressís approval rating. It hasnít climbed above 40% for about five years, and spent most of the time below 30% in that same time period. That means that for a long time, the Congress hasnít been doing the will of the people. If it isnít doing the will of the people, then what is it doing? Currently, it is doing the will of Obama or the will of the liberal left or the will of the unions and other groups that paid for Obamaís campaigns, but it certainly isnít the will of the people at this moment. Why would those elected to Congress, elected by the people, choose to go off on their own and not do the will of the people?

To me, the answer is quite simple. They just donít care what the people want. They feel that they can just say the right things and get elected and then go off and implement an agenda that isnít from the people. If you want to see what the American people want, it is really quite simple. You could visit the Gallup polling website on www.gallup.com. Or better yet, perhaps the Congress should take a look at Gallup to find out what they should be doing. Does the government run the people or do the people run the government? That is the question that voters really must answer. It appears that both parties think that they should be running the people. Maybe it is time to vote them both out of office and vote for candidates that believe the people are sovereign and make the decisions.
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