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Who Makes The Rules?
Liberals and progressives know that their ideas about the economy, family, culture, etc. cannot win in the marketplace of ideas because the majority of the people know their ideas are inferior in the real world. But this does not stop the liberals from continuing to push their ideas and find ways in which to defeat their enemies on the right and their traditional values and culture. One need look no further than the enactment of civil unions or gay marriage in many states. Most of the residents of these states had voted against the idea of gay marriage. So what did the liberals do? They sought to have judges overrule the will of the people under the guise of this new cultural value of gay marriage being a constitutional right, a right that has never existed in this nation since the beginning of its existence.

The will of the people is seen as nothing more than a speed bump to the arrogance of the left and their new cultural values. The left could care less what the majority of the people think. They believe that their ideas and their way of thinking is far superior than the beliefs of the masses. Liberals and progressive use the government to force their opinions on the people through judges and regulations and the power of the executive office and the force of its bureaucrats.
The people donít want cap and trade. This is evidenced by it being defeated in Congress. So what? We will just use the EPA to get what we want. That is what the Obama administration decided. Overrule the will of the people. Most people love the environment and want to protect it and ensure that air is clean, but they would also love jobs and cheap energy and are willing to make tradeoffs. But true believers, true liberals cannot let the will of the people alone. They think they know what is best for the masses and find ways to overrule the stupid masses. The liberals and progressive will continue to use the machinations of government to get their way. Those who believe they are superior will always make more noise than the masses who just want to be left alone. The masses voice is much softer than the benighted liberals and progressives. Thus they take over the government and use it to get their way.

Then what can the masses do to prevent this? The only way to stop this is to diminish the scope and size of the government. Unfortunately, the American people, enamored by the promises of socialism, or the ultimate goal of all liberals and progressives, a society run by experts and intellectuals, increased the ability of the federal government to grow until it takes over all aspects of life. It changed the Constitution to allow the federal government to tax progressively up to a 100% of someoneís income. It took away the limit of the federal government to have to tax everyone equally. This coupled with the creation of a central bank gave the federal government the power to grow and control all aspects of life. The American people did this. They fell for the siren song of socialism thinking that the government could bring up the paradise of plenty promised by top down socialism.

How can the American people take back their government and once again determine their own destination without the guidance of the nanny state? It is simple, they must repeal the 16th Amendment which allows the liberals and progressive to use the power of the federal government to overrule the will of the people and create their new world, their new society, one based on secularism and progressive ideals.

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