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Ezra Taft Benson Quote

My own political and economic creed is a simple one. I commend it to you: I am for freedom and against slavery. I am for social progress and against socialism. I am for a dynamic economy and against waste. I am for the private competitive market and against unnecessary government intervention. I am for private ownership and against governmental ownership and control of the means of production and distribution. I am for national security and against appeasement and capitulation to an obvious enemy.

ideas > Bill Bonner Speaks About Zombies

Bill Bonner Speaks About Zombies
I read this great little bit by Bill Bonner on dailyreckoning.com. Enjoy!

Have the riots reached New York or Boston yet?

As Dear Readers know, we have wondered what this Great Correction really intends to correct. At a minimum, it seems destined to correct the 50+ year build-up of debt. But maybe it will destroy modern social-welfare governments too.

The model is simple enough: citizens give up a portion of their freedom and a portion of their money. In return they get safety...protection...and something for nothing. The typical voter believes he will get more than he paid for...he counts on his government to rob those richer than he is and transfer the loot to him.

The system works -- for a while. But as these governments mature they become more expensive, rigid, and zombified. More and more people find ways to get something for nothing. More and more join the underclass, because it is easier to live at someone else's expense, even if you can't live very well. Pretty soon, there are zombies all over the place.

The Cameron government in the UK -- like almost all social welfare governments -- spends more than it can afford. It realized it had to stop feeding the zombies so much. It announced cut backs. This week, the zombies counterattacked.

‘They don't treat me right,' said one zombie quoted in the International Herald Tribune. ‘They just give me enough money to eat and watch TV.'

When they are not eating at taxpayer expense...or watching TV at taxpayer expense...in an apartment paid for at taxpayer expense...wearing clothes furnished at taxpayer expense, they are likely communicating by cellphone or Blackberry or I-phone, also provided at taxpayer expense. This week, the zombies got in touch with one another and decided to upgrade their lifestyles by breaking into shops and stealing things. That too, was at taxpayer expense. But it wasn't an expense authorized by the peoples' representatives in Parliament. The zombies had declared war.

The British feds were outraged. They had spent so much money on these people. Why were they biting the hands that fed them? Ah...you know the answer, Dear Reader. Because the system had turned almost a whole generation of people into zombies. Zombies are used to getting something for nothing. If they get it from the feds ...or take it directly, what is the difference? And what else do they have to do? Watching TV all day is boring. For a brief time this week, zombies were on the march.

It probably won't be the last time. The Zombie Wars have begun.
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