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ideas > Do You Believe in Global Warming?

Do You Believe in Global Warming?
Dennis Prager, one of my favorite talk show hosts, recently made the following statements about global warming.

Global Warming Believers believe:
1. The earth is warming
2. The earth is warming so much that it will have international worldwide catastrophic implications for humanity, that massive coastal areas around the world will be drowned in rising ocean water.
3. All of this is being caused by human beings, not by natural phenomena, by human beings, and it is specifically human beings emiting carbon dioxide by the burning of fossil fuels.

That is it means to believe in global warming.

So the next time someone says Do You Believe in Global Warming, ask them if they believe in the list of 3 things above and if so why, where is their proof? Most likely they have just heard a few tautologies over and over and now believe something without proof.

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