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Frederic Bastiat Quote

Nothing can enter the public treasury for the benefit of one citizen or one class unless other citizens and other classes have been forced to send it in.

ideas > Infrastructure... the word government hates

Infrastructure... the word government hates
Infrastructure. This is the dirty word that government never seems to spend enough money on. How often have you driven down the road only to say, “When is the government going to fix this road? Or why are these roads always so crappy? Or I hope this pothole doesn’t kill my car. The government is really good at building things, but why are they so terrible at maintaining them? These are some questions that I’ve always wanted answers too and have recently been thinking about due to the Minnesota bridge collapse.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the government receives plenty of money from its citizens. Check your tax bill or recent pay stub to verify this unfortunate fact. The government spends the money on the wrong things. Instead of maintaining the infrastructure which benefits everyone and allows our economy to run more efficient, the government invests our money in social entitlement programs such as social security, Medicare, welfare, and other programs. I believe they do this for two reasons. First, they do this to buy votes. There is no faster way to get someone to vote for you than to give them money. That is a fact. Second, they honestly believe they are doing these people a favor by giving them something for nothing or giving them something for less than they have worked for it. The sad consequence of this whole money for vote thing is that regular hard working citizens see and experience their infrastructure crumbling around them, yet feel helpless to do anything about it. So the average hard-working citizen just lives with this problem, never speaks up, and just accepts that this is how it must be.

Wouldn’t you rather have the government spending your money on giving you smooth roads, enough roads, good water systems, good sewer systems or would you rather your money go to funding someone who hasn’t prepared well, hasn’t planned well, refuses to work, doesn’t work as hard as you, etc.? To me the choice is obvious, I would rather the government spend my money on infrastructure, because we all benefit. The sad reality is that some people do not have the skills or the desire to work hard enough to remain in Hawaii and therefore they need to leave. It does the public no good to subsidize these people’s living here in Hawaii. In fact, it only retards their own personal growth and chance to strive for something better, because they can live in their current condition with government subsidies. I find it rather odd that the Board of Water Supply is always asking us to conserve water in a state where we are surrounded by oceans. Why doesn’t the government spend money to build a salt-water purification plant or two instead of the hundreds of millions of dollars they spend on entitlement programs? Then we could all benefit from a surplus of water and feel more secure here in Hawaii. Why doesn’t the government build another freeway on top of H1 through town so that we could all have the benefit of less traffic jams? Why doesn’t the government build more sewers, roads, and infrastructure so that we can build more houses and condos here in Hawaii, so the price of housing will come down? The answer is simple. Government spends the money on the wrong things. They spend the money on people who have not earned the right to have your money, instead of spending it on infrastructure projects that will benefit us all and improve our standard of living and the efficiency of our economy. They spend your hard-earned money to further their own political careers as they buy votes left and right. When are you going to get this and start calling your representatives and encouraging them to do the right thing which is to invest in infrastructure that will benefit us all, not just a small portion of the population?
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