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History is what happened, not what we wish had happened or what a theory says should have happened. One of the reasons for the great value of history is that it allows us to check our current beliefs against hard facts from around the world and across the centuries.

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More Stupid Ideas for Government
On June 28, 2007, the Democratic candidates for the President of the United States held a nationally televised debate. Here are a few quotes from the debate followed by my questions and comments for these candidates.

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York said, "When the Bush administration came in they were determined to tilt the balance back to the wealthy."

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois said, "The Bush tax cuts ó people didn't need them, and they weren't even asking for them, and they ought to be relaxed so we can pay for universal health care and other initiatives."

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York said "Race and racism are defining challenges not only in the United States but around the world. For someone to assert that race is not a problem in America is to deny the reality."

Sen. Baraka Obama of Illinois said, "The African-American community is weakened. It is important for us to look at the whole body here and make absolutely certain that we are providing the kinds of economic development opportunities and jobs that will create healthy communities Ö Those are the kinds of strategies that, over the long term, are going to make a difference."

John Edwards said racism "goes through every single part of American life."

Is this really who you think can lead this country. Granted the candidates were pandering to the minority vote. But really, who votes for people like this? You have Senator Obama saying such crazy things as no one wanted the tax cuts. Is he crazy? He must be. I sure think I could find about 10 million of my closest friends who would like to take another 10 to 20 percent of their income home instead of giving it to the federal government to waste on another war on poverty, or health care, or social security, or Medicare.

And then their comments about racism are ridiculously obvious as well. Sure racism goes through all aspects of my life. It's because the federal government is always bringing it up. I'm classified as white to them, before I'm classified as an American. Shouldn't it be the other way around? You want to talk about division. Let's talk about division. These racially based laws divide America. They don't unite us. If the federal government continues to classify people on the basis of race, then don't expect unity any time soon. And let's talk about the black community here as well, do you think that 40 years of government subsidy and help has honestly left them in a better place. I think that answer is obvious. When over half of your children are born out of wedlock, what can you honestly expect to happen to your communities? The best thing Senator Obama could do for the black community would be to get rid of the government programs that have encouraged the break up of the traditional family.

Racism will always be a fact of life because people will always judge on one criteria or other. If it's not racism, then itís judgments based on looks, intelligence, height, weight, etc. You can't legislate this away from people. We need to judge in order to survive. Right or wrong, it's my right to judge according the dictates of my mind. And I judge these group of candidates to be nothing but a bunch of pandering politicians who are no more than modern day Pied Pipers who tell the people what they want to hear, instead of what they need to hear. I'm still trying to figure out which one it is. You be the judge. By the way, the more Senator Obama speaks, the scarier he becomes and the less impressive he is.
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