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The theory of communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.

ideas > I can do many things, but should I do everything?

I can do many things, but should I do everything?
I can do many things, but should I do many things. This is the dilemma that I face everyday. Everyday, I have choices to make. Why do I choose one thing one day and the next thing another day? My belief system influences many of my choices. My feelings that day influence other choices. A friend, family member or acquaintance influences choices at times. The point is that I canít do every thing I want, nor should I be able to do everything I want. Itís impossible and impractical. Everyday, I make choices and tradeoffs to get what I want. Life is that way. In life, I can do many things, but it is impossible to do everything. I shouldnít try everything I can do, because some things are dangerous, others downright stupid, others too expensive, and so on and so forth.

Our founding fathers created a country in reaction to the oppression they felt from the King of England. To the founding fathers, political power was too concentrated. The King was ignoring the pleas of the American colonists to remove taxes they considered unjust and laws that infringed upon their freedoms. The King could basically do anything he liked, but should he do anything he liked. The Revolutionary War proved the King wrong. He shouldnít have done anything he liked, even though they could. The founding fathers understood the dangers of political power being concentrated in one or a small group of people and so they set out to create a system that would spread political power amongst many institutions and areas. They created a system that listened to the people and derived its power from the people. They did not want to create a government that did not listen or refused to listen to the people. They had already experienced that with the English government and the King. The system of government that the founding fathers created had federal and state components. This government was laid out in the Constitution, which is the basis for all our laws. All laws are supposed to be in harmony with the Constitution. The federal government was only to perform those duties laid out explicitly in the Constitution. The state government could perform all duties laid out in the Constitution and all other duties that were not mentioned. In essence, the federal government was to do only what the Constitution said it could do, and the State government could do all other things. The founding fathers did this because they realized that too strong of a federal government would concentrate power in too small of an area, rendering the government deaf to the mind and will of the people, and ultimately put the American country in the same predicament that it was in with the King of England.

Unfortunately, over the next two and half centuries the Constitution is many ways has been ignored and the federal government has grown in size and power and influences American lives in more ways than the founding fathers would be happy with. As the size of the federal government or any government increases, the freedom of the people decreases. Freedom means the ability to choose what to believe and what to do in your life. The government has instituted programs and laws that restrict what you can believe. Many of these laws deal with discrimination, entitlements, and others.

The Constitution says that all men should be treated equally under the law. Now we have laws that treat people differently based on color, creed, sexual orientation, gender, etc. This is not Constitutional or right. The law is not a tool used to right wrongs in the past, but to judge people in the present for what they presently do. No one can go back and right the wrongs of the past or of history, because history has buried those participants in those struggles. You canít punish people of the present for sins of the past. That, too, is injustice.

As the federal government grows in size and power, it provides more and more for the people, but at what cost? That cost is freedom. We allow the government and its bureaucrats to set our agenda by telling us what we can learn in school, the attitudes that we can have, the beliefs that we can have, etc. Is this what we want in America? Is this what we want for the world? I hope not, because I want to live in a world where I control my destiny, my thoughts, my belief, and my life.

In todayís political climate, we hear politicians talk about universal healthcare, universal preschool, universal education, lower gas prices, and any number of programs they are peddling. There is no doubt that the government can provide these things, but SHOULD they do these things? What are the real costs of doing these things for us? The real cost is freedom, and with loss of freedom comes a loss of a desire to excel. The world is full of examples of failed governments where the government tried to provide more and more services for its citizens. These governments are socialist and communist governments. Look at the Soviet Union. Look at North Korea. Those governments were built on providing everything for its citizens. So when I hear politicians promising more laws, more services, more programs, it makes my heart ache knowing that they are following the same lines, the same paths that brutal dictators in the past have followed. They are following the path of creating a government state where people are born, live, and die with everything provided by the government, thus killing any desire to exceed or excel. Of course, we naturally know that a society that isnít constantly improving is falling behind. Itís only natural that this will happen. Without incentives, people get lazy, work less, produce less, and so the state of the nation declines. As more people become lazy, the standard of living will decline.

Often times you hear politicians blaming big business for the problems of the nation. They blame big business for their greedy ways. But I ask you, who is the biggest business our there today? It is the federal government. Who are those entities that have killed hundreds of millions of innocent people in the last century? It wasnít big business. It was governments, mainly those of the Soviet Union, china, North Korea, and the Middle East. Big business doesnít commit brutal atrocity, but big governments do. So why donít we notice these things? It is because government is buying our silence and our votes. Governments can initially make things seem better as they promise more and deliver more, but in the long run they strip us of our freedoms and enslave us to their mindset and ways. These are the things our founding fathers tried to protect us against when they wrote the Constitution and constructed this nation. They knew what a disaster would await us if political power were too concentrated. The federal government has ignored the Constitution too long and created laws that violate that sacred document. Benjamin Franklin knew too well what he was talking about when something to the effect that "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." In America, for the last 100 years we have too easily given up freedom for government sponsored security and entitlement programs and the security they provide and ultimately we will lose both freedom and security because of this. If this doesnít scare you, it should. It is time that we did something about it. It is obvious that both Republicans and Democrats can do nothing about this. They both continue to spend, spend, spend, and tax, tax, tax. What can we do? We can vote for someone who belongs to neither party and kick both of them out.

As I said before, itís not a matter of can we do it, but should we do it. The government can do many things, but it should do very few things because when it does many things freedom dies and so does this country. This country was built on individual freedom and the ability of people to build whatever they wanted out of life. It was not founded on the principles of a huge government providing subsidies and programs to every American. If you want that, move to a socialist or communist country. There are plenty of those out there and as far as I can tell, they donít seem to be doing too well. Their track record is deplorable. Wake up America before you lose your freedom and security.
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