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From the first days of our Republic, America's security has depended on the clarity of the message: Don't tread on us. A firm and commensurate response was essential to protect our sovereignty, to send a message to those who engage in state-sponsored terrorism, to deter further violence against our people, and to affirm the expectation of civilized behavior among nations.

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Email to Representative Abercrombie and Hirono
Dear Representatives Abercrombie and Hirono,

I recently became aware of a bill (Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007) that was passed in the House. Both of you voted for this bill. In this bill are provisions to punish the oil companies for their recent excessive (as you call them) profits. I am opposed this kind of meddling in business by government on several grounds. First, the government should only interfere with the marketplace on very narrow grounds such as technical monopoly or the neighborhood effect. Neither of these reasons apply here. The oil companies are not monopolies. We have several choices to make when we buy gasoline (Thank you Costco) and we can always make the choice to not drive as much. Second, gasoline prices have gone up for several reasons including the loss of purchasing power of the dollar (thank you federal government) and the greater demand for oil-based products from India and China. Third, instead of taxing these companies and fattening your government wallets and spending this money inefficiently, etc., why don't you allow the oil companies to drill for oil in Alaska and Colorado, instead of obstructing them. The fact of the matter is that we are an oil based economy as is the world's economy. The only way to drive down prices is to get more oil. There is a vast amount of oil left in this Earth. The Earth is a very big place, as you know, and we have explored a small fraction of it for oil. Fourth, if you are so concerned about the pollution generated by fossil fuels, then why don't you allow more nuclear energy in America. If it is good enough for France, then it is good enough for America. Nuclear energy is cheap, efficient, and pollution free. Fifth, why do you continue to want to punish a business for doing a good job? I do not trust that you bureaucrats with very little business experience know how to make business decisions.

In case you haven't realized, your approval rating as a Congress is 18%. I believe this is due to the size and breadth and waste of the federal government. We don't need you to interfere in our affairs as much as you due. I would venture to guess that we could reduce the regulations on business in the United States tremendously and we would see no change in how business is done. All that your meddling does is fatten your (the government's wallets), redistribute income, and kill our economy. I blame, as do millions of Americans and growing everyday, the federal government for much of the economic mess that we are in. We realize that ultimately it is your meddling that has made it more difficult to live in America and our voices are growing louder and louder (as I imagine you have realized by the number of phone calls and emails that you receive) in D.C. You can't ignore us forever. Eventually we will vote you out of office. So do us all a favor, voluntary quit your meddling in our affairs. The secret is out. The real problem is the federal government and intrusive governments of all kinds. The majority of Americans do not need the babying hand of a federal government to tell them how to live. We know, of our own free will, how to act and how to be. Your system of big brother government does not work for us.

Let me remind you that the government "derives its just powers from the consent of the governed" and I would have to say that you are taking powers from us without our consent. Eighteen percent approval rating is the only proof that I need for that statement. It is obvious that you guys are out of touch and out of your mind. Best wishes is hopefully figuring out how to do the will of the people instead of the will of whatever other masters you have whispering in your ears. For Representative Abercrombie, that would be labor and unions and for Representative Hirono, we don't have a track record on you yet, but would suspect that your masters are and will be the same as Representative Abercrombie's as well, unless of course you decide to do the will of the people, which would both be shocking and exhilerating as well.


A Concerned Citizen
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