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ideas > Of course there is a military solution in Iraq

Of course there is a military solution in Iraq
Recently, I have begun to hear that “There is no military solution to Iraq”. News programs parade expert after expert before the TV camera who recite these words. Why is there no military solution in Iraq? What evidence do these people have that there is no military solution?

There is always a military solution when you have superior military power. The wildcard is the political will to implement the solution. If the cause is right, the political will should exist, and the superior military will win. So the phrase “There is no military solution” is really an attempt to stop debate or preempt debate through a pretended statement of fact, which has no basis in reality. For too long, Americans have been allowing politicians and others who are enemies of individual freedom to manipulate us into believing that there is no military solution to Iraq. This has basically cut the military off at the knees in Iraq. Is the cause in Iraq just? Was it just to remove Saddam? Yes, of course it was, because it was a victory for individual freedom. Do we have a superior military? Yes, of course. Is there anyone who honestly thinks that we could crush our opponents in Iraq if the political schizophrenia that binds our military was removed? If there is, then I would honestly question their sanity. Why aren’t we winning the war in Iraq? Because we are divided politically. Why are we divided politically if the cause is just and the military can win the war? Because there are enemies of freedom that exist within and without our government. To me, it is that simple. There is a military solution to Iraq to all our problems in the Middle East, because our cause of freedom is just and our military is superior. The weakness is our political will which has been compromised by people who oppose individual freedom. These people use clever arguments to muddy the visions of those who don’t see the larger struggle for freedom. They make statements to the effect that there were not weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, or that Bush lied, that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and on and on. Even if these statements were 100 percent true, which the evidence indicates they are not, it would still not erase the fact that removing Saddam is good for freedom and good for America. And once he was removed, shouldn’t we do everything we can to destroy the enemies of freedom within Iraq, instead of handcuffing our military’s efforts and then disingenuously making statements like “There is no military solution in Iraq.” Of course there is a military solution in Iraq, but “There is no military solution, until Americans wake up and realize they are being manipulated by people within and without our government who despise individual freedom, ignore those people and there circular arguments, and demand that the Congress let the military implement the military solution and let the military win.”

In Iraq and all recent wars that we have fought, we have enjoyed superior military power. Therefore, there was a military solution to the problem. What we lacked was the political will, understanding, and insight to implement the military solution. Instead we allow ourselves to be manipulated by catchy phrases such as “There is no military solution” without taking the time to question the phrases. We instead listen to politicians who have their own agendas of reelection or larger government. They hide behind the military by stating emphatically that there is no military solution, which slanders the strength, power, and honor of our military, when what they really should say is that they care more about their political careers than winning this war. There is always a military solution, when you have a superior military.

I imagine that before World War II, there were people in America who said that fighting was not the solution, that there was no military solution. They said we should continue talking with Hitler and appeasing him. Imagine if those people had won.

The fact is that there are evil people in Iraq that want to kill innocent people to spread there brand of government which is violence, fear, and intimidation. These kinds of people can be defeated militarily. We just need to kill them and those who take their places. This will take years and years, but eventually you kill them all or cause them to submit to your will. There is a military solution to Iraq because our cause of freedom is just and our military is superior. What we lack is the political will, which has been retarded by enemies within and without our government who do not love individual freedom, but instead love government intrusion in our lives.
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