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When more of the peopleís substance is exacted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of the Government and the expense of its economical administration, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the fundamental principles of a free government.

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This week in my mind
A lot of random thoughts have been slogging around in my brain for a few days now. Today Iíll just write them down in no particular order.

First, isnít it ironic that a rich man, John Edwards, has started a crusade against poverty. Didnít we already try this over 30 years ago and what happened? We didnít seem to win. So why are we trying it again? Why doesnít John Edwards just donate his sizable fortune to help the poor? Why does he want to raise taxes on everyone else to fund his crusade against poverty? If he was really sincere and serious about this fight against poverty, then he should donate his money to charity. I remember 4 years ago, when John Kerry, who also was appealing to the votes of the poor, who typically vote for the entitlement party, the Democrats, reported he actually paid roughly 12 percent of his income to taxes. I assume that Edwards pays a similar amount. The pales in comparison to what the middle class typically pays, upwards of 20-30 percent. If John Kerry and John Edwards really felt for the poor, then they would donate another 12 percent of their income at least to charities that alleviate poverty. Instead they call for an increase in taxes, which wonít hurt them because they have their lawyers and accountants who know the loopholes in the tax code to reduce their actual taxes paid to 12 percent. Does the middle class have the opportunity to do this? No, because the middle class does not have the money to hire lawyers and accountants. So really, this war on poverty is really a war on the middle class. If rich people want to alleviate poverty, wouldnít it make sense if they put their money where their mouth is instead of stealing money from the middle class to pay for their egomaniacal causes. It really isnít about fixing problems to them. Itís about finding a way to get into office so they can lord power over you and I.

Second, are you or I truly free when government takes 50 percent or more of our income? Who does this benefit? We are not truly free if the government takes that kind of money from you and I, because money is freedom. Money represents the opportunity to choose what you do with your time and your efforts. When the government takes huge sums of your money, then it determines how much freedom you have. Who benefits from this kind of system? Not the hard-working, decent Americans who make wise choices. These kinds of Americans do not need government. In fact, I would contend, these types of Americans need a very limited government, if any. These people know how to make right choices. So why do these kinds of people continue to vote for governments that continue to take away their freedoms? Because they believe the government when it says that it has their best interests at heart. But take a moment to think about what the government has done in recent years, then ask yourself, does it really have middle-class Americaís best interests at heart. The government has already spent the $2 trillion surplus in the social security fund. When you need that money, the government will need to borrow more money to pay you. The government refuses to truly protect the borders from criminals and terrorists who enter this country. The government continues to offer medical benefits to people who refuse to take care of themselves, driving up the cost of health care. The government refuses to allow oil companies to find more oil within our own borders, driving up the price of gasoline. It is a simple economic law that the more supply we have, the lower prices will be. The government institutes regulations upon regulations limiting our freedom to make choices on who or how we do business. Does this really seem like a friend to you? Does this seem like someone who has your best interests at heart? You, as a hard-working, conscientious American, do you really need the government to act this way? Does it honestly benefit you? Of course not, it only benefits those who make poor choices, are lazy, want to act however they want without any consequences, etc. Then ask yourself, why do you continue to vote for these folks?

Can one really take a rich man seriously when he stands before a crowd and says he wants to start a war on poverty, yet refuses to donate much of his own wealth to this fight? What are his motives? They are pure and honest for sure. They are egotistical and designed to get him elected. There are many causes of poverty, one of which is a lack of money or opportunity. But many people are poor because of the poor choices they have made in life. Is it right to take money from someone who has made good choices and worked hard and give it to someone who hasnít? Of course not. Until John Edwards, John Kerry, or any of the other rich liberal Democrats wants to step forward and give away their fortunes in the fight for middle class America or poverty, then you can be assured that their true motives are for power not for alleviating suffering. And if you are a hard-working American and vote for these jokers, then you will in the end be in the poor house yourself, because the rich will get richer because they know better how to avoid taxes, and the middle class will get poorer. Thatís the end game folks. Wake up!

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