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ideas > When your senator laughs at your serious questions

When your senator laughs at your serious questions
Today I called Senator Inouyeís office to ask him three questions. First, what is he doing to lower my taxes? Second, why does the government require me to invest in social security? Third, how free am I when the federal government regulates much of my economy and lives? In response to question number one, the lady who answered the phone laughed. I asked her if she really thought this was a funny question considering the fact that a substantial portion of every paycheck goes to the federal government. She said that she wasnít making fun of me, but that many other people had called asking the same question. I reminded her that Congress currently has an 18 percent approval rating and so the Senator should start doing the will of the people. I expressed my concern that they really donít care what citizens think, but only do the will of special interests. Itís time to turn the pressure up and call your representative today. Eventually they will listen and conform to the will of the people because they are politicians and want to be reelected.

As far as question two, the lady who answered didnít seem too interested and naturally the Congressman has no answers. It is wrong for a government to require its people to invest in social security. The program is a pyramid scheme, not an investment or insurance program. I should not be required to invest in something that is a lie. The government uses the social security program to control people by making them reliant on the government for money. It also uses the program to have access to more money to spend. It takes the annual surplus, currently around $100 billion a year, and spends it on other programs and services. The surplus that is supposed to be there for future generations is no longer there. If social security was truly about the poor or helping those in need, why not just give them cash when they need it instead of forcing Americans to buy some kind of government insurance scheme. I donít need the government to do this for me. I can invest myself and have a much better retirement. Social security is about control, not helping those in need. There is no honest justification for forcing an American to pay into social security. It is another example of government intrusion and tyranny into our lives. It is unconstitutional and best and immoral at worst.

Question three solicited no answer as well. A truly free man cannot be free in a country where the government regulates all aspects of the economy. The very idea that a bureaucrat with limited business experience would know better than me how to spend my money and live my life smacks of insanity. Most of the regulation these days is really about protecting one portion of the work force from competition from outsiders. It isnít about protecting the consumer. We live in a heavily regulated economy with a central bank. We are not truly free when the government regulates your economic life, determines who you can do business with, how you do business, and the like. Consumers are fully capable of taking care of themselves without much of the regulatory help the government offers. Businesses that hurt consumers will quickly go out of business as the consumer either sues that business for damages or quits doing business with that company. Government regulation is generally about controlling people, creating bureaucracies, protecting industries from competition, not about protecting consumers.
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