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The free market is a decentralized regulator of our economic system. The free market is not only a more efficient decision maker than even the wisest central planning body, but even more important, the free market keeps economic power dispersed.

ideas > Why I hate liberal thinking... a few examples

Why I hate liberal thinking... a few examples
One of the things that I hate about many liberals out there is that their positions or beliefs on issues are moving targets. They claim one thing until you nail them on it, then they switch their position to something else under the guise of not talking it out enough, which is essentially code speak for ďLetís talk more until you believe what I believe.Ē

Letís take the Iraq War. They have been attacking President Bush for over 5 years now. First the ware was illegal. Why it is illegal, I just donít know. The Congress issued a joint resolution authorizing the President to attack Iraq. Second, it was there were no weapons of WMD. Once it was pointed out that President Clinton himself believed their were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq using the same intelligence that President Bush had, that UN and the British believed the same thing, and a myriad of other facts, liberals switched it to their next target. Now we are on to their third position, it is a civil war and only a political solution can solve this. The fallacy of this argument can be pointed out with a simple example. Letís say that the liberals had the same loud voice before the Civil War happened and were crying that this is a political problem, we cannot fight, and we must discuss. Clearly, this would never have solved the problem. Yet, here are the liberals blathering that we should get out of Iraq because it is a civil war. Once this excuse is defeated using the argument that there is a civil war, but the civil war is being caused by extremists and terrorists so leaving really is not an option. I imagine that once these liberals get tired of using this excuse, they will find a myriad of other reasons to oppose the war and oppose America as they do. They donít just oppose this war, but they oppose America as it is. This really isnít about President Bush, but about President Bushís values and the values of those who elected them. Clearly the liberal position on the war in Iraq is hypocritical. They support helping those in Darfur, dogs in Michael Vickís compound, yet oppose a war that would free people from a dictator and then have the gumption to say things like ďThey must fight their own fight.Ē Or ďThey canít handle freedom nor do they want freedom.Ē These statements either miss the larger picture or are irritating because they just arenít true. First, the larger picture is this. America and its allies believe in freedom. There are countries and people who oppose freedom and will kill us because of that. Many of these countries lie in the Middle East. This war is a war for freedom. Second, the truth is that most people want freedom to choose their destiny to live without interference from others. Why do so many people immigrate to free, Democratic countries? Itís because freedom means opportunity. You donít see people emigrating to China, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, North Korea, etc. You donít see people swimming across the Rio Grande breaking into Mexico. So clearly, people want freedom and opportunity, but this little truth seems to escape liberals. Instead they argue for their beliefs that cannot be supported by reality or fact. The hardest thing to give up is ones view of the world or reality when it is wrong. It is almost impossible to do so and usually takes a catastrophic event in ones life to do so. To many people this was September 11, 2001.

Most liberals hate capitalism even though they benefit immensely from a capitalistic society. But try asking them what system they would replace capitalism with and watch for the blank stares. Many of them will say socialism, but when you remind them of the history of socialism and communism in the 20th century, namely Mao in China, Kim Il Sung in North Korea, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Stalin in Russia, they will quickly say those people did not practice socialism or communism, but instead practiced totalitarianism. This is a laughable argument, because these people said they were communists or socialists and they believed in the supreme power of the government to determine how the economy was run or the people lived their lives. Socialism and communism if implemented fully always lead to totalitarianism, because there is always some crazy enough to think they have the best answers for everything. Then liberals will say they want a system that espouses the values of socialism where everyone is equal, but history has never been able to produce such an economic system, yet they will clamor for it. They will fight for their ideals even though their ideals arenít reality. They would rather trade away a system whose known fruits are prosperity and plenty for a system that doesnít exist, except only in their minds. Now if this isnít insanity or a complete denial of reality, then I donít know what is. To blatantly ignore reality in pursuit of an ideal would seem to be a mental problem, yet undetermined. But they continue to trumpet on and on in the pursuit of their ideal government or ideal economic system. How many people must die in their pursuit of equality? Clearly they havenít learned the lessons of China, Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, and Cuba. And these are only the last centuryís examples. They find excuse after excuse to exclude these countryís experiments with socialism and communism by saying they just didnít try hard enough or they just didnít do it the right way and if we were given the opportunity then we could do it the right way. What arrogance is this? It borders insanity. If America doesnít quickly wake up to the fallacies of the liberalís empty promises soon, they will find themselves bound with the chains of a forced equality. History says this is what happens whenever coerced equality is pursued. Why would Americaís enlightened liberals be able to escape this same fate?

Wake up America to the dangers and fallacies of liberal thinking with its promises of equality and ask yourself can one be equal if he is being forced to act a certain way. Isnít the one forcing him introducing a relationship of master and slave and creating inequality. Equality can only come from free choice. History has taught us this. This is the realm of reality which often escapes the high ideals of liberal thinking.
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