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If it were not for my firm belief in an overriding providence it would be difficult for me, in the midst of such complications of affairs, to keep my reason in its seat. But I am confident that the Almighty has his plans and will work them out; and they will be the wisest and the best for us.

ideas > Taxing the rich and giving to the poor only works in the movies

Taxing the rich and giving to the poor only works in the movies
Today Barack Obama said that he would tax the rich to pay for health care. When will it end? How rich is the rich? And what happens when increased government spending, with increased non-productive government jobs to manage this new health care system, causes a drop in productivity, thereby requiring the federal government to tax even less rich citizens to pay for these programs happens? You see the problem with taxing the rich or allowing the federal government to tax the rich to pay for the poor is wrong for two reasons. First, it is not right to forcibly remove someone's property from them and redistribute it to someone else. Protection of property is an inalienable right which was given to us by God, not by government, and therefore cannot be violated except by immoral practices. Second, it allows the government to take as much as it wants and when the rich cannot provide enough, because productivity always suffers when government increases, then the government will be forced to take from those who aren't as rich and so on down until the government has destroyed the natural incentive of profit and money to work or the people revolt against the oppression by the federal government and the benefits and salaries that the bureaucrats are receiving as they become the new class of the rich.

The problem with making promises of taxing the rich to give to poor is that it sounds good as do many things that politicians say, but fundamentally it does not work for several reasons. First, whether we like to admit it or not, the rich are generally rich because they have worked harder and smarter than the rest of us and therefore have done the most with what they have been given, therefore increasing the productivity of the economy. When the productivity of the economy increases, then we all benefit. Second, the surest way to kill productivity in an economy is to take money from the most productive citizens and give it to those who are not as productive and create a bunch of jobs that do nothing productive (e.g. a government job or those who feel they are entitled something for nothing). Third, it ignores the fact that it is wrong based on the inherent rights from God that we have to protect are property from unlawful seizures. If I do not have the right to take your property or money from you because I think I know better how to spend it, then the government which derives its power from me and my rights does not have this right either. To do so is nothing more than legalized plunder.

So please, ignore the cries of those like Barack, Hillary, John Edwards, and any other politician who tries to create class warfare by forcibly using government to produce some type of utopian world that can never be achieved. The hard facts of life is that there are poor and there are rich. Most of us will be poor at some time or another and we will work hard to become rich or well to do. If we choose a profession that adds something of value to this economy, then we will do much better than someone else who choose a profession that adds nothing, unless of course, the government steps in a twists the natural order of things. To step in only hurts the economy, because productivity declines, less products and goods are manufactured that folks want, and therefore our standard of living declines. Keep the government out of your wallet and the wallets of others. If you allow the government to invade someone else's wallet in the name of some high-minded program, eventually they will come after your wallet as well, once that other person's wallet runs dry or disappears. Count on it.
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