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The basic fallacy of government price fixing and production controls in agriculture is the denial of the market price system as the most efficient and equitable means yet known to bring about the shifts in agricultural production that are necessary to meet the ever changing pattern of human needs. The market price system is the most important means of letting producers know of the changes in consumer needs. When a product or service is no longer needed, the price declines. Those who insist on continuing as usual will suffer the most. Economic laws are closely related to moral and natural laws. They are as surely God-given as are the great truths that have been recorded and demonstrated in the Bible. The greatest good for all will result from a system where changes are dictated by human needs rather than by the political decisions of a dictator or a bureaucracy. Production for the competitive market is production for consumption—not production in response to bureaucratic decisions of a dictator or a bureaucracy. God has given men the power to choose—this is the essential ingredient of freedom. If we use this power of choice to continually transfer responsibility to the federal government, we will most surely relinquish our freedom.

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Misconceptions about the Constitution Explained
Dear Ms. Gifford,

I read your comments in the following CNN.com article (http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/09/25/bush.cnnu/index.html) and wanted to clarify some things that you said.

You seem to have some erroneous understanding of the Constitution and made a few statements that cannot be backed up by logic or reason. Here is what you were quoted as saying:

"I completely support him and the paper for their decision," said Alesia Gifford, vice president of the Young Democrats, another political student organization. "In this society we are taking a step backwards, especially with the free speech debate. President Bush has lost our respect as a country. "At some point we have to stand up for our rights. [McSwane] was just showing that speech, even when explicit, should always be protected by the First Amendment."

The First Amendment is a protection of free speech between citizens and the government, not between citizens and others entities such as private business or individuals. It basically says that the government cannot suppress speech. As far as I can tell, this isn't a governmental issue. The editor of the newspaper made a decision which cost the newspaper advertising money and therefore they must get rid of him because it is obvious that he is not fit to run that newspaper from a business perspective. Sure you have protection of free speech from the government, but have no rights to say whatever you want in the private sector. The First Amendment does not always protect speech. It only protects speech from government intervention. The Constitution and its amendments are a contract between the people and the government that clearly spell out the things the government cannot do to you. I see nowhere in the Constitution where it talks about individuals, private parties, businesses, etc. The rights in the Constitution apply between you and your government.

Secondly, where are your figures that prove your point that Americans have lost respect for President Bush? I am aware that his approval rating is hovering around 30 percent, but approval rating and respect are two different things. So I'm just curious if you can back up your statement. Also, using your same logic, with Congresses approval rating currently below the Presidents, would it be accurate to say that Americans respect Congress less than President Bush. Here are URLs so that you can get some facts straight: http://www.galluppoll.com/content/default.aspx?ci=1600 and http://www.galluppoll.com/content/default.aspx?ci=1723.

You really need to start thinking on your own on these issues instead of thinking along the lines of one political party or another. I'm neither Republican nor Democrat, but I'm a little older than you, and realize that I need to think on my own instead of making statements that have no backing or are basically just demagoguery. Best of luck with your studies. Hopefully you start thinking on your own.


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