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A man is free as far as he can live and get on without being at the mercy of arbitrary decisions on the part of other people.

ideas > Communism, Socalism, and How America is Being Destroyed

Communism, Socalism, and How America is Being Destroyed
I have recently been thinking about labels. I’m not talking about labels found on food products. I’m talking about the way you and I label ideas or concepts or categories. The way that I label something can determine what you think about it. For example, if I say that this is a liberal idea and you are a conservative thinker, then automatically you most likely will discount it because of its liberal label. If I say that something is fat-free, then many Americans will assume it is good for you, even if it has tons of sugar in it. The labeling that has been most on my mind is political labeling. I have been thinking about the political systems of communism and socialism. First, let’s define communism and socialism. According to Wikipedia, “Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization based on common ownership of the means of production. It is usually considered a branch of the broader socialist movement that draws on the various political and intellectual movements that trace their origins back to the work of Karl Marx.” Socialism “refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community for the purposes of increasing social and economic equality and cooperation. This control may be either direct—exercised through popular collectives such as workers' councils—or indirect—exercised on behalf of the people by the state. As an economic system, socialism is often characterized by state or community ownership of the means of production.” Both of these movements involve someone else, most likely government, controlling the means and mode of production including property. They both have their roots in the ideas and philosophy of Karl Marx. Marx and his ideas, along with its current manifestations in American politics will be discussed a little later. But first, back to communism, socialism and the power of labeling.

After decades of the Cold War against communism, I would gather that a large percentage of Americans view communism negatively, but communism under a different name, socialism, much less negatively. Both involve the control and regulation of production via the government, which means a restriction in personal freedom and individual choice. Because one is labeled differently, one is more acceptable. Do you see the power of a label? If chosen correctly and compared and contrasted to something much more negative, it can actually be turned into a positive. The danger with labeling is that the same thing can be labeled two ways and one label can seem less innocuous than the other, to the point that the people will allow it to exist amongst them. This weakness of human thought can be exploited by people who understand this concept. They can speak evil of communism while at the same time extolling the virtues of socialism, even though they are one and the same. They both involve government control of ones life and property. It is subtle trick of sophistry. Paint the enemy, communism, thus causing people to believe you think like them and are your friend, and then introduce the same system in increments under a different name. This is currently what is going on in America. Bit by bit, socialism is being introduced into America. The only way to destroy freedom and liberty in America is to do it gradually through the introduction of communism under the name of socialism. Look around you. First, we saw the invention of a central bank or government control of the financial world. Then we saw the introduction of social security, a government guarantee of financial security at the cost of individual liberty and choice. Then we saw the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid, government controlled health care, at the cost of reduced freedom and liberty. Then we saw the war on poverty and an increased amount of spending on entitlement programs, once again at the cost of freedom and liberty. Then we see a takeover of the educational system by the government at the cost of freedom and liberty to choose where one in educated. These programs come at the expense of your money in the form of tax dollars. These programs are socialist by nature. Coupled with government regulations, in the name of security and safety, the socialist program is well under way in America. America was never about security and safety. It was always about freedom and choice, first and foremost. Socialism and communism are about security and safety and ironically, never in history have they been able to provide those things as well as America has. Choose the right labels and it is easy to trick Americans into believing they are getting something good, when in reality they are getting Communism and Marxism in America. I dare you to name me one good thing that has come about because of communism. One can only think of the tragedy and darkness of the Stalinist regimes in Russia. He killed more people than Hitler ever killed, all in the name of security and safety. Mao and the Communists in China killed over 70 million Chinese during his reign of communist terror. The enemies of freedom understand that if they can get Americans to accept poison as a medicine, they can win. They have effectively done this to us by introducing communism (a poison) under the name of socialism (a medicine) as the cure for capitalism or a free market economy (the real medicine). Isn’t it ironic that they have convinced us that an economy based on individual freedom is inferior to one based on centralized control, even though history has provided us many examples that centralized control is inferior to freedom based economies. They have been working long and hard to convince Americans for the decades that communism under the name of socialism is good and that capitalism and free markets are bad. They have done a great job of this. But poison is poison and eventually it will kill America unless Americans realize that the medicine is freedom and free markets, not socialism and communism. What ails America now is that they have been taking poison for decades, assuming it was medicine, and refused to take medicine thinking it is poison. Communists and other freedom haters have been very effective at this. I believe they have been using our own public school educational system to do this. Think about this for a second. If you wanted to convince a group of people that what you offered was medicine, when in fact it was poison, where would you start? What would be the most effective way of doing this? As Lenin, the great leader of world communism stated, “Give me a child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevist forever.” Think about it. To convince a country that poison is medicine and medicine is poison requires only eight years. And we require children to receive twelve years of public education. So the secret to convince Americans to hate freedom and love government control is to teach them at a young age to do so. All that was required was for socialists and communists to take over the bureaucracy of public school education and for politicians to expand the control of the federal Department of Education. Is there anyone out there that doubts that this has not happened? How much of American history taught to our children today is taught from the perspective that America is bad, that capitalism is bad. I remember distinctly being taught in my public school education that the Great Depression was caused by capitalism gone amuck. I only learned later that the Federal Reserve and its failure to increase the money supply at crucial junctures had much more to do with the severity of the Great Depression than capitalism or free markets ever did. And the Federal Reserve was big government gone amuck. How much time is spent teaching our kids propaganda in public schools instead of how to read, write and do math? Is it any wonder that schools produce students who cannot read, write, and do math. They are spending too much time learning propaganda, being taught what think, not how to think or even develop the tools to think for themselves. Lenin understood the power of labeling at a young age. Our public schools have served the socialists and communists well in this country. Think about all the young people these days who mindlessly speak out against the dangers of a free market and capitalism and of the evils of Western civilization. Where do you think they got these ideas? It certainly wasn’t from facts or from history. It was in the public schools. They were taught this from a young age. Capitalism is the reason that we have the standard of living we have today. Government produces nothing. Capitalism produces everything you see around you from the electricity you use, to the cars you drive. History shows us that when government controls everything (see the U.S.S.R. or any other communist nation) that there is a scarcity of wealth and a poverty that exists amongst the masses. Conversely, when individuals are allowed to make their own economic choices, history has taught us that there is wealth and abundance. But still, these young minds are poisoned into thinking that socialism and communism or government control is better than capitalism and free markets. Do you now see the power of labels and the power of propaganda and the failure of public school education? It is calling good evil and evil good that socialists and communists have been good at doing. They have utilized our government and our public education system to accomplish the brainwashing to an extent of a large portion of America.
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