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The theory of communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.

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Letter to Federal Reps
I would like to encourage you to do whatever you can do defend traditional values. These values would be such things as marriage for only a man and woman. Providing same-sex couples with such things as hospital visitation rights and things like that should be fine, but allowing same sex couples only diminishes the value and place that marriage has always had in our society. The strength of any society is determined by the strength of the family and the strongest families are usually found within a marriage.

I would also like to encourage you to do what you can to lower government waste, entitlement programs, and taxes. I believe that many of these programs are immoral and unconstitutional, because they are basically redistribution of wealth programs. The government has no right or moral authority to confiscate my property or money and directly give it to another. You might have the power to do it, but you do not have the right or moral authority to do it. Eventually, enough Americans will become fed up with these programs and vote all of you out of office. There comes a point when government becomes tyrannical and usurps the natural rights that people have. At that point, the people will say enough is enough and vote for a change. Which side of the aisles do you want to be on? The side of right or the side of wrong.

I believe that much of what is wrong with America has been created by federal government spending. The agenda that is currently being pushed on America is a secular-progressive agenda, which is basically moral relativism. The sad thing is that most Americans are traditionalists and that in a fair fight these secular-progressives cannot win, so they turn to the courts and to some in Congress to implement their agenda against the will of the America people. If that doesn't sound unjust or immoral, I don't know what does. The great thing is that more and more Americans are waking up to this game and are becoming more and more fed up with all of it. Just look at Congress's approval rating. I wonder why it is so low. It can't all be Iraq. Perhaps it is because most of us are just fed up with what you are doing in Congress and the federal government.

So follow some good advice... Listen to the people first, not to the special interests or to your party. After all, we pay the bills. Have you forgotten this little fact? I hope that you will wake up and remember, who are you sworn to protect and serve. It isn't special interests. It isn't your party. It is the people who elect you. So quit messing the prosperity and America up by not doing things that are for the GENERAL welfare of all Americans, not small groups of Americans. The founding fathers were rather wise. I only wish that Congress was as wise as them.
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