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ideas > Rich Politicians and the War on Poverty...The Real Story

Rich Politicians and the War on Poverty...The Real Story
I find it rather amusing watching rich politicians trumpet solutions for health care and poverty using government money to solve the problem. They usually couch their arguments in terms of class warfare or the evil business and corporate interests against the poor people. These politicians try to sow division and get people worked up into a sort of emotional rage so that they no longer think of the issues or notice the white elephant in the room. The white elephant is this. It is the rich politicians who could give up all this money to fight poverty on a personal level, but chooses not to. Look at Hillary Clinton or John Edwards or even Al Gore. All of these politicians are wealthy beyond most of our dreams, yet they build big houses, travel all over the world, and donít give up their fortunes to fight poverty, even though they make it a central theme of their campaigns. Why is this? If they were truly committed about fighting poverty, they wouldnít be engaging in this kind of behavior. They would be donating large sums of money to fight poverty or health care, because after all, they donít need it, the poor people need it. The reason they donít do this is because they love being rich and they truly only care about the poor and less fortunate and the middle class, for that matter, because they need these votes to get into office. Once in office, they will pay lip service to the poor and middle class and even enact policies and laws that, on the service, seem to be helping these groups of people, while in reality they hurt them. Think about it. When they get into office, what do they do? They institute new governmental programs, bureaucracy, and regulations to fit their vision of how this country should be, which is a vision of them on the top telling us all what to do and how to think and the rest of us on the bottom lapping up the scraps left over. In order to get there, they must divide the people into classes of rich and poor, incite people to rage so that they donít think rationally about what is really going on, and then assume the power of a centralized federal government. Surprisingly, this is the same power play that great communist leaders of the past have used. Think about how Stalin of the U.S.S.R., Mao of China, and Kim Il Sung of North Korea came into power. They constantly railed against the rich and the landed and offered a solution of government redistribution of wealth and no private property ownership. What happened? The poor and middle classes bought this siren song and many millions paid with their lives and those who lived suffered under the lower of standard of living that socialist and communist countries always have. Do you see this happening in the U.S.A. as well? Of course it is and usually it is the Democratic candidate that does it. Just listen to them talk next time they are on the news. Do they rail against the rich, offer government solutions for poverty and healthcare, cradle to grave entitlements? Sure they do and many Americans buy into it, not realizing that this playbook has already been played out many years ago with disastrous results. The question becomes, ďWill Americans fall for it as well?Ē I can only hope not.
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