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Correspondence with Senator Akaka about Taxes
I recently received a letter of Senator Daniel K. Akaka which is a response to a question that I have been asking him and the other federally elected representatives in Congress. The question that I always ask in my weekly phone call to their federal office in Washington D.C. is “What are you doing to lower my taxes?” On a side note, I usually ask “Why am I required by law to pay into social security and medicare?” and “What are you doing to reduce federal regulation?” I have received many responses to these questions from laughter to silence.

Let say me that out of all the offices that I have contacted, Senator Akaka’s staff have never laughed or answered with silence. They have always been very professional and courteous. This is a reflection upon Senator Akaka’s kind and good, although somewhat (I believe) politically misguided nature. I appreciate their courtesy and look forward to my continuing correspondence with them through phone calls, emails, and letters. Now back to the subject at hand.

I have been shocked by the inability of my elected officials to answer simple questions on tax or to respond to the most basic petition of tax relief. It almost has an eerie resemblance to the founding fathers of this country appealing to the King of England for tax redress, but that appeal always fell on deaf ears, just like my appeal. That was until I received a form letter of Senator Akaka’s office dated October 23, 2007. I have been calling for several months now and suppose I should be grateful that I at least received a form letter laying out his position on this matter, but I am angry at how he answered this letter. I have included the text of his letter below followed by my response to his letter, which I have mailed to both his Hawaii and Washington D.C. office. I have included these items because I hope that one day Americans wake up and realize that we really do not need this monstrous federal government in our lives, because they only make our lives more difficult, not better. We don’t have to live with this. We elect them and we can demand they do our business or leave. Too many Americans with the means lack the will to make the effort to fight for change and to fight for freedom. The time to fight for freedom should be before it is necessary to fight for freedom. That time is now. Enjoy the reading.

Text of letter from Senator Akaka’s office to me:

“Thank you for contacting me to express your concern regarding federal taxes. I am a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility, and given that an extension of tax cuts enacted since 2001 will cost $1.9 trillion, I believe that it is fiscally irresponsible to support tax cut extensions that are not offset at a time when we are continuing to support our operations abroad in the Global War on Terror. Under President George W. Bush’s budget and tax policies, the deficit and federal debt could cause extreme uncertainty in the world’s financial markets, increase our nation’s reliance on foreign government purchases of U.S. treasury bonds, and result in higher domestic interest rates. This would hurt our nation’s working poor and middle-class the most and could depress housing markets, push people to rely on high interest credit cards just to meet basic monthly needs, and tailspin our economy into a depression. I recognize that, with a current national debt of over $8.6 trillion, balancing our needs under such budgetary pressures will not be easy or accomplished without making difficult choices. It is very important that we work to prevent the deficit and the debt from growing any larger, and help to establish the fiscal framework within which we can begin to sensibly and responsibly assess and re-assess our program needs and spending priorities. Mahalo for sharing your concerns. Daniel K. Akaka”

Text of my response to Senator Akaka:

Dear Senator Akaka,

Thank you for the response letter your office sent me dated Oct 23, 2007. I appreciate that your office can take the time to respond with these letters, because they do explain to me your positions on the issues. I would like to provide a response to your letter. In your letter, you state that you are a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility. If that is the case, then why is this years federal budget increasing and why have you voted for it? I would urge you to back up your words with actions.

You also mentioned that you do not believe President Bush’s tax cuts should be continued. Why? I have enjoyed paying less to the federal government over the last several years. Granted, the every increasing spending that comes out of Washington has created inflation, which is business as usual for Washington. Inflation, as you know, is the same thing as a tax. So I’m probably no better off than before the tax cuts. You seem to argue that we need to repeal the tax cuts. I would say that we do not need to repeal the tax cuts, but we need to make even more tax cuts and control spending. It is not my fault that you and your colleagues in Congress have made too many financial promises to too many people in return for votes so that you can remain in power. Isn’t that what this charade is all about? Congress makes promises, buys votes, and you get reelected. As you know, the house of cards is currently falling around you because government spending is not the same as business spending. Government spending is inefficient and less productive than business spending. The more government spending we have, the lower our quality of life becomes. It is an inescapable economic law. If you put more and more of the economy in the hands of the government, we get less and less of the things that we want and more of the things that government bureaucrats think we want. We are slowly becoming an economy of central planning and we all know how that went in communist countries of the past. So why do you continue to march us down this road. It’s a road that has been traveled many times before. Just open up a history book and read. Why not take the road less traveled, the road to more freedom and individual liberty that God has given us. Read the Declaration of Independence. It clearly states that the rights of liberty are inalienable. That means that you can pass laws to take these rights away, but these laws are immoral and unjust.

I have come to realization that communism really hasn’t died. The idea lives on. It has just taken a new direction under the guise of socialism, progressivism, or secular humanism. All of these seek to take away our liberties and freedoms in the name of security. This is immoral and unjust and I seek to petition this government for redress and ask that you restore our freedoms and liberty by lowering taxes and repealing the 16th amendment. There are so many things that the federal government does that it should not do under the Constitution. I will name a few. Let’s take social security and medicare and education. None of these programs seem to authorized in the Constitution. They should be left to the state and local government. You could argue that they fall under the general welfare clause of the Constitution, but I would argue that they do not benefit the general welfare, but they do benefit a specific group of people who receive these benefits. Now if it was truly an investment program, instead of a redistribution of wealth, then perhaps it would be for the general welfare. However, it violates the premise of individual liberty and freedom to choose how and where I invest my money in the future. You have no right to force me to pay into these programs. It is an affront to liberty and freedom and completely and utterly unconstitutional. I would like to hear your response to this. How can you go to sleep at night knowing that you are actively supporting socialistic, communistic principles through programs such as social security and medicare. Sure they help people, but it is never right to rob from one to give to another even in the name of help. You have committed one act of evil to do an act of good. When has that ever been right?

In conclusion, I appreciate that you wrote me back, even if it was your office that wrote. However, I think that you have missed the real problem with the federal budget and therefore have missed the real and necessary solution. The real problem is that you cannot control spending and that you have made too many financial promises to too many people in order to get their votes. You have burdened many Americans with your promises. The real solution is to give Americans back their money and let them find their own way through life, without all these governmental entitlement programs. It is the only fair and just and moral way. It honors the principles of freedom and liberty that are God-given. It honors our founding fathers by letting government that is closest to the people do the most, instead of the current aberration of this large monstrosity of the federal government. The real issue here is freedom. Will you honor my God-given freedom and give me back my money which you redistribute to others or will you continue to violate and usurp these freedoms? That is the real issue. It is clear that many in Congress have fallen for the principles outlined in Communism, socialism and progressivism and that even though the U.S.S.R. has fallen, these ideas are strong and live on. They are completely at odds with our Constitutional-form of government which espouses the FREEDOM of individuals to pursue their life as they want with minimal government interference and usurpation. Yes, government has a role. It is to make sure that the people abide by the rules that they decide to create. It is not to create laws that benefit one group of people at the expense of other groups of people, hence your job is to pass laws that are for the GENERAL WELFARE of the people. I have read laws passed by Congress recently and it would appear that many of them benefit groups of people based on race, economic level, and so on. This is not America. This is not freedom. This is governmental tyranny. Governmental tyranny includes increasing taxes to pay for your promises so that you can be elected.

I wish that I did not have to write these words, but they are true. Congress has forgot what its duty is. The President has forgot what his duty is. The Supreme Court has forgot what their duty is. Your duty is to safeguard our freedoms, not take them away by creating more government programs and FORCING me to pay for them. That is not freedom. That is tyranny.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that it causes you think and ponder the direction that you as a Congress are leading this country. It is about freedom. Either you are on the side of freedom or on the side of tyranny. I would hope that you are on the side of freedom. I believe that you honestly believe you are doing good, but remember that you are only doing good because you are forcing many Americans to give up their money so that you can redistribute it to someone else and claim credit for doing so. Money that goes towards redistribution of wealth schemes is never given up freely, because those who made always know that their hard work means nothing to politicians, because all the politicians seem to care about is the congratulations they receive for the programs they create that benefit less people than the number of people that you threatened in order to get their money from them in the first place. Please remember that side of the equation when you vote for your next entitlement program bill. Think of the millions of people whose lives you are making more difficult, so that you can feel good about yourself or so that you and your colleagues can pat themselves on the back and go home to your nice homes and pensions, while the rest of us must work harder and harder to get ahead because there are people in Congress who want to penalize us for getting ahead. There are people who believe that other people have a God-given right to my money in the form of some entitlement taken from me via my federal and other taxes. Think of those folks. We are the ones who pay for your inability to control spending. It is Congress who controls the purse. Now start controlling it. It is not our fault that you made promises that you should have never made. Now go remedy this and unmake those promises even if it means you are not elected. Isn’t that the right, honest, and moral thing to do?

You have, in a way, insulted my intelligence with your arguments for why taxes should be repealed, because I see to the core of the problem and the solution. You have not taken your analysis far enough and have only caught the problem at mid-stream, failing to see that the source of the problem begins further upstream.
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