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With all these blessings, what more is necessary to make us a happy and prosperous people? Still one thing, fellow citizens—a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.

ideas > National Interests versus Government Interests...Are they really the same?

National Interests versus Government Interests...Are they really the same?
In this age of war in Iraq and during the political season that we currently live in, we often here phrases such as “national interest”. Those who use these phrases are typically employees of the federal government. Often, however the national interest and government interest are two separate things; yet they are often spoken of as being one and the same. It is interesting to think that governments often use the phrase national interest to get the people emotional and riled up because an emotional, riled up constituency is much more easily manipulated. I believe that most Americans do not realize that the government has its own interests, mainly to protect its empire and to ensure that it continually grows by gathering more money and control. This is only natural, because people are the same way. It is natural for one to look after his/her own self-interest. Why would it be different with government? Except with government, we are often fooled into believing that those who run government are looking out for our own self-interests (or national interest), when in reality they are looking out for their own interests (or the government interests). The government is masters of propaganda, getting people to fall in line and believing that the national interest and the government interests are one and the same. But is this really true? I submit to you that it is not. And to do so, I would like to use several examples.

First, on the topic of the family. What is in the national interest or the people’s interest is to ensure that the traditional family stays strong, because a strong traditional family means a civilized society. The government interest is to break the family down because it allows more government departments to be created to manage the chaos the comes from broken down families. The government and the family are competing entities. If the family is strong, then the government has to be small, for what does the government serve, but those who often come from weak families, whether it be through social security, welfare, Medicare or Medicaid. Strong families take care of their own. It is a sense of pride to do so. Weak families turn to the government. The government has a strong vested interest to see that the family is weak. It ensures that those who are in government and those who manage government have a never-ending supply of work. Yet politicians continually trumpet their programs for the family, while at the same time depriving children of the right to a stable two parent home; keeping parents in the dark when their teenager gets an abortion; providing financial incentives to continually have children out of wedlock; pushing sex education in public schools at the expanse of teaching our children how to read, write and do math; and a myriad of other scams which inevitably weaken the family. The national interests and the government interests are not one and the same.

Second, on the topic of social security. The national interest of any country or society is to make sure that people are productive for a large percentage of their lifetime. This ensures that the country has a high standard of living. High productivity means a high standard of living. If you have a disproportionate number of people, mainly the elderly, retire at too young of an age and then you have too few children being born, then you have a perfect economic storm brewing. The elderly are no longer productive in society. They are, in essence, leaching off the younger generation. The younger generation must work longer and harder to support the older generations excesses and demands to no longer be productive, but to instead enjoy life in their golden years. The government interest is to keep as many people as possible on the government payroll, whether that payroll be a direct paycheck or a subsidy or social security. The more people the government directly pays, the bigger the government bureaucracy and the larger the sphere of control the government exerts on the people. It is only natural that this is what happens. It’s human nature to want to expand one’s control over other. The problem is that government uses unfair coercion to do so. Social security is a coercive tax that you and I are forced to pay in and whether or not we receive back what we paid into it, including the interest that we should have earned, is not even a question. The government currently takes roughly 6% of your paycheck, plus another 6% from your employer and then gives it to the older generation. They have already spent your money. It doesn’t exist. When it comes time for you to collect on your social security, who knows if it will be there? And who knows if you will get your money’s worth? Social security only serves one main purpose, it allows the government to control a large section of the population. It serves the interests of government, not the national interests of productive citizens for a lifetime. There are no guarantees in life. To guarantee something in life requires a coercive government to deprive someone else of their rights. That is the only way to guarantee anything in life, by depriving someone else of their rights.

Third, on the topic of health. This subject and its discussion closely mirrors the talk on social security. The national interest is once again to have healthy, productive citizens, because this means that less of the productive wealth of the nation can go to producing things that people want instead of fixing people when they break down. The government’s interest is once again to ensure that Americans are unhealthy because this allows them to control a large section of Americans through health insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. The problem with health care is primarily centered on the fact that Americans make poor choices in diet and exercise and why do they do this? It is simple, because they can, because they are rewarded for doing so. What is the penalty for someone eating terribly everyday and refusing to exercise? Are they charged more for their health insurance? No. And then if you qualify for one of the many federal and state-funded health care programs, you often have better insurance than the private sector folks who are productive citizens. A basic economic fact is if you give someone something for free what are they going to do with it? They are going to use it and use it and use it until you charge them for something. Instead of encouraging folks to live productive, healthy lives, the government is doing the exact opposite by rewarding terrible behavior and by regulating the health insurance industry so that it is difficult to discriminate between healthy and unhealthy people. The national interest would be to stop this nonsense right now by getting rid of free health insurance and allowing insurance companies to charge unhealthy people more for their health insurance. The government interest is to do the exact opposite. It is to indulge these people in their consumption and destruction of their own bodies so that they will continue to look to the government for answers instead of making the necessary changes in their lives so that the health care costs of this country are lowered and more money can be spent on things that people want.

In these three examples, it is clear that the government interest and national interests are not the same. Often, the people forget to realize this and swallow whole the promises and smooth talk of the politicians and political leaders whom they vote for. One must always remember that the government has its owns interests which mainly are to control and grow. The government is not some non-profit organization who tries to do what is best for all around it. It is a multi-trillion dollar behemoth who serves largely its own interests and works to protect its own interests around the world and clearly these interests are not in the best interest of the people or the nation. They are solely for the interests of the government. Until people realize this, they will blindly be giving up their freedom and liberty to this all-consuming behemoth called the United States Federal government.

There are no natural stopping points for government. It will not stop on its own. It must be stopped by the people who demand that it stops. It will continue to grow, and consume until it consumes itself in an orgy of non-stop spending. It knows no natural boundaries. Those boundaries must be set by the individuals who elect the government.
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