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With all these blessings, what more is necessary to make us a happy and prosperous people? Still one thing, fellow citizensóa wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.

ideas > Untrained politicians and the economy? What?

Untrained politicians and the economy? What?
While watching the Democratic Presidential debates, I found myself yelling often at the TV as I listened to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards speak incomprehensible gibberish. I came to the conclusion that either they have very little economic understanding or they were trying to convince the uneducated masses that they knew what they were talking about by using catchphrases that sounded nice but meant absolutely nothing. Their supporters believe every word they say, as if it is manna straight from heaven, but over 40 years of federal government promises and a country that is in greater debt and not better off financially would lead one to believe that Americans have bought a bad bill of goods. Below are more thoughts I had as I reflected on the mindless, incompressible, and sometimes downright false economic speak that I heard from these candidates. Lest anyone think that I am a Republican wonk, I submit to you that I have the same sets of criticism for all the candidates. They speak a bunch of gibberish when they talk about economics because they know Americans know very little about economics and will believe just about anything economic related that politicians promise them, I believe, in the hopes that it might actually be true. Sadly though, history has taught us that it is just another pack of lies told by a power hungry politician who lacks the soul to tell the truth. The truth is this. America is weak because the federal government has trained a generation or more of Americans to rely on the federal government to provide for them. Our financial futures are further being weakened everyday by a federal government that promises everything, but can honestly deliver very little; yet people want to believe it is true. The reality is that someday soon, the house of cards that the federal government has built, a house built of entitlement programs for votes, will soon fall because more and more people are less and less productive. Why do you think manufacturing jobs are leaving America? Don't you think it has anything to do with the myriad of taxes and regulations that businesses and individuals face? The federal government says these regulations are for your safety and well-being, but honestly, they are enacted to line to pockets of those who are already in the business. Well-placed regulations keep competition out by making the cost to enter much higher than would normally be. This is the truth. You can choose to believe a lie, but eventually the lie will catch up to you. The economic crisis, the housing crisis, the oil crisis, the global warming crisis... when will it end? It will end once people realize that these false crises are created by governments in order to fleece you of your freedom. People are naturally trained to pay attention to the word crisis and when someone says they have a solution to the crisis; people almost hypnotically follow that solution.

While watching the debate, I noticed that the three candidates often called certain mortgage lenders "predatory". I had to laugh. Let me get this straight. An adult is offered a mortgage at a specific rate. He/she should read all the paperwork that is given them before they sign. That is a big duh. They sign the mortgage papers. The housing bubble bursts and suddenly there are millions of people claiming they were duped. I don't think so. They knew what they were getting into. You'd have to be a half-witted moron to not understand that your rate would go up. They just didn't care. They wanted a house. The problem is that some politician somewhere is willing to call the lender predatory and the mortgage holder a victim and is willing to spend your tax dollars to bail some poor schmuck out. Now what am I missing here? Why do I have to pay for someone's poor decision? I chose to sit the housing bubble out because I knew it couldn't go on forever. Where is my reward? Instead I get shafted by the federal government to bail out some moron who supposedly was duped by some mortgage company in some predatory scheme. I think the government is predatory when they take my tax dollars, find some way to regulate me out of freedom and my pay, and then spend it elsewhere. The government is the ultimate predator. Why don't Hillary, Barack and John Edwards talk about that predatory practice? Because they understand what is going on with the federal government and our country, but they also understand the best way to deflect blame or fault is to point somewhere else. It is the oldest trick politicians know. They excite people so that they no longer pay attention to the real issues or problems. It's a common political tactic that has been used since the beginning of time. When will people wake up and realize that they are being played. The biggest thief and shuckster in the world is not big business. It is government. What entity is the only monopoly in this country? Think about it. It is the federal government. How big is the federal government? Spending-wise it is over $2.5 trillion dollars big. Regulation-wise, it is much, much more. Why arenít politicians complaining about this monopoly, the most dangerous and destructive monopoly in this country? Itís the 5,000 pound elephant in the room.
When they say they want to create another program or make something universal, what they are really saying is that they believe that their solution to a problem is better than your solution. Basically, they crave power and believe that their one mind knows better than the collective minds of the American people when it comes to whatever problem they are proposing to solve. Does this make any sense? No one person could ever solve that many problems. Yet, many people believe almost hypnotically in their candidate. I think it is absurd to think that Hillary Clinton could ever design a program that would fix health care. What training does she have? Did she ever work in the health care system? She was a lawyer and what do lawyers do? They sue health care companies, doctors, hospitals, etc.

The fatal flaw of the American people is that they want to believe that, with the snap of the fingers, that these politicians can fix the problem just like that.

Well, what if the problem was created by government in the first place? What if the current health care crisis was created by big government? What if Medicare, which is free health care, has led to people not taking care of themselves or taking responsibility of their lives, eating habits, and exercise habits because they know that some doctor somewhere can give them a pill and it will be ok. What happens if government created this mess? I suspect that one will find that the obesity rates climbed as the government became more and more involved with health care. I suspect that our country became more and more messed up as the government spent more and more and people learned that they no longer had to work hard to get by, but could instead trust in some government largesse. Over the last 40 years, when the federal government removed any restraints on printing money by removing us from the gold standard, we now have a financial crisis. The federal government, in those 40 years, has run up a debt of almost $10 trillion dollars as politician fall over themselves as they rush to pass out some goody or another. And this doesn't even count the social security mess and Medicare mess that are looming. The government has created the problem we are in now. How could anyone trust that they can fix it? The only solution that I see is to restrict the federal government's ability to tax and to deficit spend. Hillary cannot solve health care. She is part of the problem.

Why do we think these politicians know what they are talking about? Just because they can string words together doesn't mean that they have a clue. Why would we ever think any of them knew a thing about economics? All three of them are lawyers. They have never run a business in their life that produced anything. They have only been involved in businesses that take something from someone else for a big slice of the pie. Why would anyone ever think they would anything about the economy? It just doesn't add up. None of it adds up. All most politicians, who are lawyers, know how to do is take from one group and give to another. Is that a recipe for a unified America? Of course not. It is a recipe for a divided America. It is the recipe for an America run by the special interests. It is a recipe for an American where the people are groveling at the feet of the federal government for a portion of their own money. Is that insane or what? The American people donít realize yet that they have the power to change this crazy relationship. Right now, the people serve the government. This could change once the people realize what is going on and vote for candidates who understand that they donít have the answers and that the people must stand on their own two feet in order for this country to be competitive, productive, and wealthy.
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