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Survival, however, depends on more than historical knowledge and psychological insight. If a student is interested in freedom for himself, his family, his children and his country, then he had best get off his chair and do something to understand just exactly what freedom is, and to insure the survival of that freedom… If you want to survive, you had better learn how to fight—it’s an a priori rule in the ghetto—and most of us had better loosen our ties and begin to wade into the struggle.

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The Sophistries of Politicians
Politicians rarely meet a problem they think they cannot solve. Why do Americans believe that a politician could ever solve any economic problem, when the vast majority of politicians are not economists? It would be like me complaining of a pain in my chest and my local grocer offering to operate on me and me saying sure. What is the difference between this and the American people agreeing to let politicians try to solve our problems? There is no difference other than the American people seem to gladly hand over the keys to the economic wheel to a bunch of teenage economists, our elected politicians. Regardless of the problem that exists, politicians are urging us to “act now” or are saying that “time is running out” and “we need to act now before it is too late”. I ask them, why? Isn’t the government responsible for the economic mess that we are in right now? After decades of bloated federal spending on unproductive initiatives, is it possible that the American economy has finally paid the price. If someone came into your life and shot you, would ask that person to also fix you up. Of course not. It is the same with the federal government. Beginning in the early 1970s, politicians lined up complaining about one crisis or another, from the oil crisis, to the healthcare crisis, to the poverty crisis, to the global warming crisis, the complaining never stops. They only offer solutions and as far as I can recall, none of the solutions have ever worked. Did Medicare solve the health care crisis in the 1960s? Did the war of poverty in the 1970s and 1980s solve poverty? Did the energy plan during the Carter Administration solve the oil crisis? Of course not. All they did was flush billions of dollars into the pockets into friends of the dominant political party at the time. What did Americans get out of it? Wasted opportunity and an economic mess that the federal government has time and again offered to fix. But where is the fix? Nowhere to be found.

A power-hungry elitist politician loves nothing more than a crisis, so that they can offer an enlightened solution. It is the ultimate ego-stroking affair. I have learned over the years that the word “crisis” should never be believed when it comes from the mouth of a politician. Our founding fathers set up a system of government that was to be deliberate. Nothing was to be done fast. Things were to move at a slow pace as the different branches of government and the States checked the federal power. Why do you think they did that? They did this because they understood the hearts of conspiring men who sit and wait and try to entice the people into following their whims, into giving up their freedoms in order to solve a non-existent crisis. These types of men and women love power. I think that today they are very easy to spot. They are the politicians that offer big government programs as solutions to problems. When I hear big government, I hear tyranny and loss of freedom.

As I read recently, government is nothing more than the power to coerce and force someone to do your will. Liberty means to free of someone else’s arbitrary control over you. Government never acts in the interest of freedom. It always acts in the name of coercion and control. There is a place for the government, but it is not to force people to have health care, health insurance, car insurance, social security, or a million other things. The government has no right to do these types of things. These types of programs and decisions are based on someone else’s idea of how I live my life. They are arbitrary decisions meaning that they are neither morally right nor wrong, but a decision based on someone else’s preference. Government’s rightful sphere is to protect its citizens from injury based on right and wrong, not on arbitrary decisions.

It is interesting to me that devout communists and socialists believe in freedom as well. The difference is that their freedom means that people are free to choose whether or not to follow the limited choices offered to them by the government. In the case of a communist government, there might only be one choice. In a socialist government, there might be a few more. As I thought about this principle, I realized that even in America, the government interferes greatly in my freedom to choose or my right to be free from someone else’s arbitrary infringement on my right to choose. If I want to order drugs online from Canada and ship them to the US, the government considers that illegal. If I want to fly a doctor from Mexico to practice medicine on me in the US, the government considers that illegal. If I want to not pay social security tax because I believe that I can invest and save much better and more honestly than the federal government, that is illegal. You could make a list of thousands of difference arbitrary ways the government limits your freedom. These limitations are arbitrary because they are not choices of right and wrong, but degrees of preference. Some politician somewhere thought they knew better than you or I how to run our life and so they created a law that limited your freedom. This is wrong. It is an infringement on my basic right to liberty. It is the socialist/communist definition of freedom. I only have to right to make choices that the government gives me. We are slowly evolving into a socialist/communist country just as Khrushchev predicted decades ago. He said that they would feed us socialism piece by piece until one day we would wake up as a communist nation. How does this happen?
I will explain to you exactly how it happens. It happens because politicians invent crisis, so that they can impose their arbitrary solutions upon the masses. Unfortunately the masses, or the American people, have lost their desire for freedom and have traded this birthright for security. They have been lulled to sleep by the very wolves, the politicians, who would seek to kill their freedom so that they can lord over the flock. Many politicians are vein and conceited individuals. Listen to them. They have a solution for everything. They honestly believe they can cure racism, poverty, disease, and host of other human ills by creating a government bureaucracy, throwing billions of dollars at it, or any of a thousand cures and aids they offer. The simple fact is that no one individual or group of individuals could ever solve one of these problems because the causes are so complex and misunderstood to ever be able to grasp the reality of it.

Plato likened our perception of life to persons viewing shadows on a wall while unaware of the far grander reality that produced those two-dimensional images (page 196, The Science of God).
Politicians fail to realize that they lack the capacity to understand or solve the human ills that afflict men. The best that any of us can do is to get out of the way so that people can solve their own problems. The cycle of crisis, followed by a solution, is nothing more than one of Plato’s shadows. It is a falsehood. It is a carefully disguised deceit by cunning men and women to steal the people’s freedom so that they can gratify their own egos as they solve the problems that eons of humanity of never been able to solve. What is the end game of all this? It is a weak, impoverished, servile people, the type of people that crave security over freedom, but receive neither. Government imposed security kills freedom and ultimately kills productivity and progress. It is ironic that the progressive movement seeks to expand the control of government, which ultimately kills any economic progress and productivity. Freedom leads to economic growth. Security leads to economic death.

It is time for a change in American politics, not the type of change that is being advocated these days. We need a change in American’s attitude toward freedom. We need Americans to cherish and guard their freedom from the tyrannical federal government, which knows very few bounds and which stronger and stronger each day. Most of the major candidates for president offer nothing more than bigger government. This is a sign that they do not love or cherish freedom, but instead love and cherish their own egos and power first. They are conceited wolves in sheep clothing.
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