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Truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached round about us.

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Think about it.... A world I want to live in
This election season has created in me disgust for the world that some politicians are peddling to the masses. This world consists of people never taking any responsibility for any of their actions. When was the last time you heard a politician say ďpersonal responsibilityĒ? It doesnít happen. Politicians are all too willing to create more programs, cover more peopleís stupid decisions, and right wrongs that should never be righted in the first place because they canít be or by fixing them they wrong other people. I am disgusted by voters continually voting for these charlatans, who proclaim they have the voterís best interests in mind. When are American voters going to wake up and see what has been created by a small group of people? When will they wake up and see that they are slaves to government? When will people realize that they are being manipulated? Where in the Constitution does it say that the government should run every aspect of peopleís lives? Where does it say that the government needs to regulate peopleís lives? Think about this. The founding fathers rebelled against Britain why? Because the government at that time was onerous. They wanted to throw off the chains of a government that was forcing their will on the people. The same thing is happening today, except it is the federal government that has taken the place of Britain. I believe there is a role for government in society. To discuss this I would like to diverge into the subject of greed. Every day, one can find a politician who is willing to rail against the greed of big business. When Exxon made approximately $40 billion in profit last year, politicians were asking for a windfall tax. There are three main sources of greed in our society today. They are business greed, individual greed, and government greed. Of these three, which one is the scariest and most destructive? Thatís right, government greed. The federal government alone takes 2.4 trillion dollars a year away from taxpayers to subsidize its existence. This does not even count state or local governments. Is this greedy? Of course it is. Yet, why do Americans continue to allow this to happen. It must be because they believe that government greed is less evil than business or individual greed. They must not have read the history of Mao, Hitler, or Stalin. These 3 men were directly responsible for tens of millions of deaths of their own citizens. They ran dictatorial governments. Do you honestly think the people who brought them into power would have elected them knowing that they were going to do this? No, these people thought that the government was the answer to their problems. Do you have these same kinds of nightmare scenarios with individual and business greed? Of course not. It is impossible to centralize enough power with these two greeds to allow for these kinds of atrocities. Itís almost as if people forget the lessons of history which teach us that big government with lots of power will solve the problems of society. In fact, they only exacerbate the problems. And here is why they exacerbate the problems. The politicians learn quickly that if they tell people that the reason they are having problems in their lives is through no fault of their own, that it is the fault of individual and business greed, then the people believe this and soon enough you have a society of victims who is controlled by a powerful central government. And how do they control the people? They control them through taxation. Money is power and the more that people continue to elect politicians or parties that want to create more programs that create more victims, the more power will become centralized and the more freedoms we will lose and ultimately the government will not serve the people, but the people will serve the government. Is that really how you want to live? If you donít want to live that way, you need to ask yourself which party honestly believes that government greed is bad? Which party believes that big government is the answer to all lifeís problems? Once you have come to that conclusion, you need to vote for the other party. Big government is a scary thing. History has taught us that. So the next time a politician calls for more government spending, more programs, vote them out of office. It is time that we realized that many politicians do not have our best interests at heart. If they did, they would work tirelessly to push people to be personally accountable in their own lives. And how would they do that, by getting rid of programs that allow people to escape personal responsibility? If we donít do this now, we face a future that is sparse on freedom and we will have created the same America that the founding fathers fought against over 200 years ago. Itís time to wake up people. Itís time that we realize that government greed is the most destructive of all. Individual and business greed do not do the same damage that government greed does to the human soul. I plead with you to think carefully about whom you will vote for and vote for a person that believes the same way I do. I want to live in a free America, not an America controlled by a big central government. I think I know better how to live my life than some bureaucrat in some building somewhere. How could they know better than me how to live my life? God bless America.
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