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Phillip Abbott Luce Quote

Survival, however, depends on more than historical knowledge and psychological insight. If a student is interested in freedom for himself, his family, his children and his country, then he had best get off his chair and do something to understand just exactly what freedom is, and to insure the survival of that freedom… If you want to survive, you had better learn how to fight—it’s an a priori rule in the ghetto—and most of us had better loosen our ties and begin to wade into the struggle.

ideas > The real cause of homelessness... Government interventionism

The real cause of homelessness... Government interventionism
Land and housing are scarce resources. If you give some people land or housing for prices that are under what the market would dictate, then in essence you have raised the price of land and housing for the majority. So why should the majority suffer at the expense of the minority? To give you an example, let’s say that you have 100 acres of land, and that there are 200 people who want to buy land. These 200 people collectively have $400 to spend for the land. This would mean that the market would dictate that land would normally go for $4 an acre. Now if you have someone step in and say that 50 of those people are Hawaiian and therefore they should only have to pay $3 for an acre of land, then what you have done is give 50 acres of land to fifty people. You still have 150 people who need land, yet there is only 50 acres left and $250 to spend on the land. The market would then dictate that those people would have to spend $5 an acre for land. The problem with affordable housing is the same problem as this. You have a limited amount of land and resources. If you choose to interfere with basic economic principles as supply and demand and instead replace it with a government mandate to provide afforable housing, you have in essence allowed the minority of people to purchase more land than they would normally get at the expense of other people who need land and who, but for their different race, would have been able to afford some land. The program actually works against its intended consequences. It creates a housing shortage because less people are able to take up a disproportionate amount of land and resources for below market value, leaving more people to bid for less land at higher prices, thus leading to homelessness.
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