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The only proper rule is never to fight at all if you can honorably avoid it, but never under any circumstances to fight in a half-hearted way. When peace comes it must be the peace of complete victory.

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Third Party Agents of Change
Third Party Change MerchantsÖAre they really needed

I have been struck by all the talk of change emanating from the campaign of Barack Obama. If you listen carefully to Barackís message, he really offers nothing different from the policies of the past. He is for more progressive taxation to solve the looming social security, Medicare, and other government spending problems. That policy is no different. There is no change there. He speaks often about uniting Americans together, but this will be impossible because America is divided upon some serious moral and ethical lines. You canít compromise on things like that; therefore you canít unite people either. But the most interesting thing to observe about the campaign is the almost religious fervor with which people flock to Barack. It is almost as if what Barack is teaching is some kind religion. He offers hope to those who feel like things have gone bad. He inspires them to change, to put the collective good above the individual good. He tells them that together they can build a different America. This philosophy is not a philosophy of change, but the philosophy of socialism. Once again, there is nothing new here. Barack offers people the hope that the government can change things so that America is nicer, kinder, more gentle, a country that takes care of everyone. That is socialism. That is not change. That is currently what we have been experimenting with for decades now. Barack offers to take it even further. He promises to make government bigger. It is strange to watch thousands of people on TV nod their approval to this message. It is strange to watch folks acquiesce to government control and oversight in a land of liberty. The ironic thing about Barackís message of change is that if people truly want to change and make America kinder, gentler, and more caring then they donít need Barack to do that. They donít need to government to do that. They can that on their own. True change of heart which is what Barack offers cannot be forced upon people through government coercion, but must come from within. It is a matter of choice. The people who believe is Barack and his message believe in the fallacy that kindness and caring can be imposed outwardly. They believe as millions before them that socialism is the answer, that heaven can be built on Earth, and that the vehicle to this nirvana will be the government. This is a lie. Just take a look at modern history. Russia tried to adopt the nirvana of socialism. China did also. North Korea followed. Germany and Hitler gave it a go. It didnít work. The masses that ushered these third party agents of change into power ultimately lost their freedom. The third party agents of change tried to impose peace and prosperity, but it never worked. The more they tried the less peace and prosperity they achieved, ultimately leading to the death and destruction of hundreds of millions of people. They forgot the basic fact of human nature, that peace and prosperity cannot be imposed from without, but must be choices from within. So donít fall for the sweet sounding promises of Barack. This melody has been sung many times before. If you truly want change, you donít need a politician or government official to give that to you. You need to choose that change for yourself and encourage others to change as well. Using the government to bring about change very rarely works. Third party agents of changes should always be looked at with skepticism, especially when the change they offer is carried forth by the vehicle of government not free will.
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