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ideas > Greed and Anti-capitalists

Greed and Anti-capitalists
What is greed? Greed is a desire to have more than what you have and willingness to do what it takes in order to get what you want. What is jealousy? Jealousy is a yearning for something that someone else has. It is the same as envy. Greed is often cited as the main problem with capitalism. Greed, no doubt, is the main driving force of capitalism. It is greed that causes people to work hard, to innovate, to create, and to compete. People do these things hoping that they will receive something in return. That is greed. The anti-capitalists, whether they are socialists, progressives, liberals, or any other group, often criticize greed being the main driving force of capitalism. Capitalism produces material wealth for the masses, but this is not enough for anti-capitalists. They want material wealth, but a more human material wealth where those who do not succeed under capitalism still receive fruits of capitalism at a level for which their contributions do not warrant. In to achieve this new social order, one that is based on a third-party's views on who should succeed and in what quantity they should succeed, the anti-capitalist must lie in order to convince people that there is a better way towards material wealth. To do this they often exploit the emotion of jealousy and envy by stoking the rich versus poor, big business versus the people, and a myriad of other themes. These themes all are based on jealousy and envy for what someone else has and the desire to take it from them with force. This is greed, but it is a type of greed that is dangerous. It is greed with jealousy tinged with coercion, sometimes leading to violence. Anti-capitalists often rail against capitalists for being greedy, but aren't anti-capitalists also greedy. They are greedy for other people's wealth. Not only are they greedy, but they are jealous and envious, and are willing to often use to coercion, the threat of violence, or violence itself to get what they want. So who is really more humane or peaceful? The one who is just greedy or the one who is greedy, jealous, and envious. Clearly, the better system is the one that does not reward people who are willing to coerce and utilize violence to get the objects of their greed and jealousy. Greed motivates one to work harder and smarter. Greed and jealousy motivate someone to steal and coerce from others. Anti-capitalists are often nothing more than jealous that they have not succeeded in the capitalist world and so wish to utilize government to achieve their means of rewarding themselves above what their work merits. Take a look at all the anti-capitalist revolutions in the past, from the Soviets, to the Chinese, to the North Koreans, Germans, Italians, and many other countries in the world. What do the anti-capitalist leaders do once in power. They increase their power and increase their wealth at the expense of those they supposedly serve. Anti-capitalists shout hypocritically that capitalism is a terrible ill because its main motivating force is greed. Ironically, anti-capitalists are motivated by greed as well, but they are also motivated by jealousy and a desire to take what they view as their just rewards. Capitalism doesn't reward them as they believe they should be rewarded, so they are jealous and seek to use the government to get what they feel they deserve. Leaders of anti-capitalist groups have nothing to offer in a capitalist society. If they did, they wouldn't fight capitalism. Instead they seek to utilize the emotion of jealousy and victimization to rise to power with promises of freedom and democracy of the people. What usually happen are the leaders and their supporters are enriched beyond what they produce and offer to the people, while the people are impoverished. Anti-capitalism is clearly an inferior philosophy when it comes to offering material wealth to the people, yet the people often fall for it as jealousy and envy are stoked by those who wish to gain power through these masses who are deceived.
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