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I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon. I seek opportunity to develop whatever talents God gave meónot security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any earthly master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and sayóďThis, with Godís help, I have done.Ē All this is what it means to be an American.

ideas > Used Car Salesmen = Most Politicians?

Used Car Salesmen = Most Politicians?
Why you should be not trust a politician?
While sitting down reading this evening, a thought came to me that most politicians, or should I say the ones that cause the most problems by creating laws that harm the American people, have very few marketable skills in the real world. That is why they are politicians. Yet, isnít it ironic that many people project their hopes and dreams upon these people. Think about it. What do most politicians do? They talk and promise voters money, goods and services, programs, etc. But no one ever checks to see if they really deliver on what they promise. In other words, most politicians are nothing more than great used car salesmen, but unfortunately those that serve in our Congress are well-paid and have almost trillions of dollars to spend and the ability to print more money to spend. In other words, these people who do not understand economics, do not understand business, and have very little marketable skills in the business world. Just to prove this point, letís take the careers of the final three presidential candidates. John McCain spent his career in the military, which was honorable. He spent 5 plus years as a POW, which was honorable. But there was very little if any business experience. For whatever reason, he never held a job that directly provided goods or services to consumers or to us citizens. Hillary Clinton was a lawyer. Lawyers do not provide goods or services or jobs for other people. They live off of other people through lawsuits and litigation. Then she served in the Senate. I find very little direct business experience. Sure, she served on the board of Walmart, but where is her business or non-political experience. It just isnít there. Barack Obama, as we know, according to his wife could have gone to the business world, but he decided to take a pay cut and become an advocate working in inner city Chicago. Iíd say that advocate business turned out really well for him. Heís a millionaire, serving in the Senate, about to become the Democratic Presidential nominee. Perhaps he chose to work in the inner city in order to gain political power, first by serving in the Illinois state senate, then the U.S. Senate, and perhaps in the White House. I find it hard to believe that Barack and his wife didnít have some sort of plan. Barackís motives perhaps arenít as pure as his wife contends. Only Barack and Michelle would know that. Barack has very little real world business experience. His primary career, like the other two, has revolved around politics and being a politician. Most politicians live by one mantra, ďDo whatever it takes to get into office and then do whatever it takes to stay in office.Ē This is the mantra of a corrupt politician. A corrupt politician will serve his/her interests first while looking as if they are serving the interests of the people. A good politician will serve the interests of the people without caring one bit for his/her own political interests. Itís safe to say that our three Presidential candidates, as well as most politicians, would fall safely under the category of corrupt politician. There are very few, if any, good politicians left. Most want the power, prestige, and money that come along with the political office. That is their sole motivation and the way they get there is by using the good people of this land. They thrive only when you hurt. Think about it. A corrupt politician needs a constituency that is hurting because they can provide the solution to your pain or youíre ill. Sure, the solution might work initially, but ultimately, it is nothing more than a Band-Aid on a cancerous wart.

So if we know that our three Presidential candidates have very little experience outside of politics, which means that they have very little marketable skills in the real business world, why do we trust them with trillions of dollars? Because they promise us things that we want to believe are true. They promise us that they can spend and spend and spend and borrow and borrow and borrow without any consequences. Need to pick the economy up? How about a couple hundred billion of extra government spending? Donít have health insurance? How about we mandate it? Unfortunately, these promises are hardly ever followed up? No one ever looks at the results 5, 10, or 15 years down the road, when the wheels have come off and the promises havenít worked. People have short memories. The long-term devastation created by these short-term promises is only becoming more and more apparent as this country goes further and further in debt, as manufacturing jobs leave America for places that are friendlier to businesses, and on and on. Do you think it is easy to do business in the United States anymore? Look at the tens of thousands of pages of regulations at the federal, state, and local level. If I had a business, and I could operate it in a country that didnít have all these things, Iíd go there in a heartbeat. Tens of thousands of pages of regulations means higher costs to do business. Very few of those regulations do much good. Most of those regulations serve two groups of people. First, the create barriers of competition for companies that would like to do business, but cannot because it costs too much to comply with the regulations. Second, the politicians and the bureaucrats enjoy the power and money that go along with the bureaucratic organizations that have been created to regulate the industries. Every regulation has a cost attached to it. Ultimately, the cost of all this regulation and taxation makes it too expensive for companies to run their businesses from within the United States. Until our politicians, who have very little economic understanding, admit this point, it is safe to say that America is sunk and that we will continue to long, slow death spiral to economic ruin with large bureaucratic organizations growing ever larger, squeezing out more and more businesses, which only means less and less products and services for a growing population. Sure, the government can print more money, but the problem isnít more money. The problem is that the governmentís anti-business policies have driven those businesses out. After all, it is the businesses that produce the goods and services that you and I consume. The government only produces one thing. That is money. When was the last time you ate money, drove money, watched money, etc.

So why put any trust in politicians such as Barack, Hillary, or John. They have one marketable skill, the same skill that used car salesman have. They can sell you a lemon and you will think it is a diamond. It should not surprise you that our economy is in shambles at this point in our countryís history. Never before have there been more regulations and limitations on our businesses. They are leaving because other countries are friendlier to businesses. If you want America to be strong again, then you will reject the snake oil salesmen, limit the amount of money they can tax and spend, and return the true power of this country and economy back to the people and away from the bureaucrats and regulators, who care more about their jobs, than about the people. The same can be said about most politicians. The reason I know this to be true is they refuse to acknowledge simple economic principles and costs associated with many of their pet projects, economic programs and the like. Instead they coat their lies with some truth and most Americans wish and hope it will be true. Well, it isnít. Just because a politician says something will happen doesnít mean it will or can happen. Would you let a mechanic operate on your heart? Then why do you let politicians operate on the economy? Listening to Congress on a regular basis has left me shocked with the basic lack of understanding regarding economic principles. This applies to Barack, Hillary, and John McCain as well. But they donít have to tell the truth to get elected. They just have to make enough people feel good about what they are saying to get elected. That is the sign of a corrupt politician.
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