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As American businessmen you must stand up and be countedĖelse youíll be counted out...The middle of the road between the extremes of good and evil is evil. When freedom is at stake, your silence is not golden, itís yellow...Why change the American system which produced the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people in human history, along with the worldís highest standard of living, for socialism...Under any name Socialism has been a miserable failure for 1,000 years...A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything youíve got.

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Thoughts on Barack Obama
Is Barack Obamaís journey to the White House really as remarkable as his wife and supporters would have you believe?

I suspect his story has more to do with a carefully planned career path than it does with altruistic motives that his wife seems to subscribe to him when she says that he could have chosen the private sector, but he chose to enter public service instead. I believe that Barack is an honest, genuine man, but I refuse to be swept up in the emotion of his captivating words and gaze. When people turn to politicians for hope in a religious fervor, it reminds me of the time in the 1930s when the Germans turned to Hitler as their savior. It is just a scary time. Now Barack is no Hitler, but the passion that surrounds him and the fervor with which those who listen to him believe every word that he says even if one sentence contradicts the next reminds me of Hitlerís time.

I wish to paint a slightly different picture that I believe is much more accurate. I only mean to question the story that he gave up riches and fame to pursue community work and activism solely for altruistic purposes, which is the company line at the Obama camp as spoken by his wife, Michelle. I suspect that Barack might not be as daring as one might think, but combined his charisma and intelligence, federal laws supporting racist programs such as affirmative action, and moved to the right area, Illinois, with a large black, liberal population to quickly rise to prominence within the Democratic Party. He chose the easy way to power. Instead of testing his metal in the real world of business, where one must prove himself day in and day out; he chose the political world where his advantage of being black plays very well in the world that the federal government has crafted post civil rights movement, the world where whites should feel guilty for something which most of them were never involved with, slavery, segregation, and all these other evils. He moved to Illinois, a state friendly to liberal politics and to black politicians, built his career there in friendly territory, honed his skills in the Illinois State Senate, waited his time until a Senate seat became available in Congress, became the anointed star of the Democratic Party, and now perhaps the next President of the United States. I perceive that Barack is a very genuine, kind, caring man. He comes across as such. He seems to have this idea that it is his job to take America where he thinks it should be. That isnít his call. In America, where we are supposed to be free to pursue our own paths to happiness (check out the Declaration of Independence), the President has no right to force us to go his direction using the full power of the federal government and its bureaucracy. This is not the path of an adventurous man, but the path of a man who took the secure route, that calculated what he needed to do in order to get political power. He has become a multi-millionaire based solely on his political career. His wife has enjoyed these benefits as well. They have made lots of money because of his career choices, most likely much more than he would have made in the business world. I donít view him as a role model because he was able to take advantage of affirmative action, chose a political career, or even became a Senator. This is part of the plan that I am sure he and his wife had calculated for many years. He is a talented man. He realized he could go places politically faster than many people could go because of these talents. The scary part to me about Barack is not Barack, but it is his wife and her condescending attitude, almost a sense of anger in her voice and eyes, towards people who dare challenge her husband. She has a kind of anger that I am sure was fueled by her attendance at Jeremiah Wrightís church. You donít attend a church for twenty years like that without agreeing with some or most of their doctrine. I suspect that she agrees with it more than Barack does or she has a much more difficult time hiding her true feelings. She is constantly telling reporters who question her about this that it is time to move on and that she doesnít want to talk about it and that the American people do not want to talk about it. That seems to be one of the themes of their campaign. Letís quit talking about things when the Obamaís tell us to quit talking about things. I also fear those that Barack will appoint to powerful positions. I suspect that many of these people will be committed progressives, liberals, and socialists who have an open hostility to traditional values that made this country great. I donít sense that Barack has hostility towards traditional values, but I guarantee that the people he appoints to his cabinet, to other positions, etc. will have these kinds of opinions and feelings. Barack has to trust a lot of people to do much of the work of the federal government and they wonít be as kind and trusting and he appears to be. They will be more political in their making. That is scary because as I envision it Barack will the CEO of America. He will set the vision and then leave it to other people to figure out how to get there. They will most likely use a hammer and blunt objects to force America that direction, whereas Barack might use softer approaches, but he canít be everywhere doing everything making sure all his minions act as he would act. It would be impossible. This is the problem and challenge with centralized federal power at the level we currently have. Itís not necessarily the President that you have to worry about, but the many minions below who tend to be way more political and punitive than the Commander in Chief.

As I understand it, Barack Obama was born and primarily raised in Hawaii. He attended Punahou Schools, the most distinguished private school in Hawaii. While he grew up, the policies of affirmative action were put into place. These policies are clearly racist in origin, seeking to right the wrongs of slavery by punishing all non-blacks for wrongs that some of their ancestors committed. Now whether or not Barack Obama was a beneficiary of these policies when he was admitted into Columbia University, we will never know; but it might be a safe assumption at that time that it would be easier, all things being equal, for a black man to get into an ivy league school, than a white man with similar grades and test scores. Thatís just the reality of affirmative action. He graduated from Columbia University and then attended Harvard University where he received in law degree. From there he did community activist work in Illinois, took a job with one of the most reputable law firms in the United States, was elected to the Illinois State Senate, the United States Senate, and perhaps the White House. I have no animosity for the man; other than I hate his clearly socialist leanings and the direction that I believe he wants to take this country, which appears to be more socialism with his targeting of business and the ďrichĒ for higher taxes. I am not a wealthy man, but I do not envy another manís wealth enough to use the governmentís strong arm to extract forcefully that wealth under the guise of equality and fairness. I consider this wrong and an affront to the ďrichĒ manís life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and property guarantees that are so dear to the founding of this nation. It is clear to me that Barack Obama is very talented, but also that he has most likely benefited from racist policies of affirmative action in this country. These policies have punished many more people than they have helped. They have punished people who have done nothing wrong to black people in America. They have been punished solely because of the color of their white skin. Isnít it ironic that black politicians so easily believe it is wrong to punish them because of the color of their skin, yet they are so willing to punish others because of the color of their skin? I suspect that Barack recognized at a young age that he had a very even temperament, that he was a great communicator and a sincere believer in socialism and wanted to bring this to a wider audience. So he did his time at Harvard and Columbia, moved to Illinois to start his political career, and now possibly could be elected to the Presidency of the United States where he will seek to use that bully pulpit to take America where he thinks we should go. This scares me, only because, he will need to rely on many of his liberal friends who are not as kind and caring as he might be, who will more often than not seek to destroy traditional values that made this country strong, and give us more socialism which will eventually lead to more economic destruction as the moral climate in America continues to decline. And that is what I think of Barackís rise to political power. Itís a predictable story of one who chose the safe route, instead of testing his mettle in the rough and tumble world of business and the private sector where one is judged more fully on oneís abilities than in the political arena. Geraldine Ferraro summed it up truthfully when she said: "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."
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