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I am satisfied that when the Almighty wants me to do or not to do a particular thing, he finds a way of letting me know it.

ideas > Barack Obama and the Obvious

Barack Obama and the Obvious
Let me see if I understand this. Barack Obama is supposed to be the great uniter, the one that can bring us all together and heal this nation, yet he attended a black supremacist church whose pastor blamed whites for the ills of blacks, who claimed that the government created AIDS to kill blacks, and on and on. Barack claims he didnít know the pastor said these things. For twenty years, come on. He has voted over 95 percent of the time in the Senate with his party, the Democratic Party? Does that sound like someone that can unite America? How can someone who is so entrenched ideologically on the left ever seek to unite America? Am I that stupid to believe this lie? America is divided into three camps right now. There are those who believe in socialism. They are the left. They believe in big government controlling most if not all aspects of your life. They believe in collectivist ideas, that sacrificing for the group is better than indulging the individual wants and needs. The individual is subordinate to the state or the group. Private property is not respected. It is either confiscated by government directly in the form of taxation, usually progressive in nature or the use of property is regulated via environmental, zoning, and other cleverly disguised attacks on private property. They seek to teach you the new morality of socialism, which basically is whatever the leaders tell you it is. That is why it is so difficult to define both today and in the past in Communist China, Russia, and so on. They speak of the rights of security and fairness, but hardly ever mention freedom and liberty. Then there are those who believe in small government, freedom, and individual liberty. These are the conservatives. They believe in the sanctity of private property and personal choice. The Declaration of Independence spells out their position well. God has given you fundamental rights of life, liberty, happiness, and property to name a few and no individual or government has the moral authority to take away those rights. The last camp of people which is a large portion of America is those who choose to sit the battle out. They do not care either way. They do not vote. They sit back and hope that all will be well. This is the ostrich crowd. This is the group of people whom the conservatives must win over into their camp if they are to stop this long, slow and ever-increasing descent into the depths of totalitarian tyranny that socialism will bring.
Barack Obama is a committed socialist. He surely seems like a nice guy, but listening to him talk, he talks the language of socialism and as a socialist, and all defenders of freedom and liberty must oppose him and not vote for him. Socialism is the enemy of our Constitution. Those who follow socialism speak little of the foundation of our government, the Constitution, precisely because they know their actions do not follow it. They seek to overthrow the Constitution using judicial activism instead of the correct way of laws and Constitutional Amendments. When was the last time you heard a politician make reference to the Constitution?

Finally, why is it important to follow the Constitution? For several reasons. First, it spells out the rules up front for all to see. If you donít like it, you shouldnít ignore it, but should change it via the democratic process of Constitutional amendments. Second, it safeguards the liberties of the people by splitting up the powers of the government among competing branches and levels. Third, it seeks to limit the power of the federal government by spelling out directly what it can do and how it can spend tax dollars. Sadly, today, the Constitution has been placed on the back shelf. Barack Obama and others talk about the grand ideas of socialism without thinking first, is this Constitutional. They donít care. They feel that they are smarter than the rest of us and the know best how things should be. They want to order things as they see fit. This is not America. This is Communist Russia. This is Communist China. We are slowly descending into a totalitarian government. It is sad to watch thousands of Americans blindly cheering Barack Obama on in his quest to reorganize America from a Constitutional government that protects private property into a socialist government that spits on private property. He says one thing, but his actions speak the truth. He can no more unite America than a rattlesnake sit idly by in a room full of people. He is a devout liberal with a silver tongue. Why many Americans refuse to see that proof, speaks more to their ability to judge character. I am a student of history and recently I read a book on Hitler and Stalin and their rise to power. I was struck by Hitler mesmeric powers over the people. How could a man who spoke such hate rise to power in a free nation? He had a silver tongue. He spoke what people wanted to hear. How did Lenin rise to power? He bought off the people with promises of land until he could consolidate power and create a police apparatus large enough to crush any opposition. In both cases, the people chose to ignore the real message of these men. They traded their liberty for promises of security and received neither. That is currently what America is doing with the federal government. If they continue to elect socialist loving leaders, and any politician who believes in the current progressive taxation system is a socialist, then America will follow the same path as these other countries. It is inevitable.
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