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There are two methods, or means, and only two, whereby man’s needs and desires can be satisfied: One is the production and exchange of wealth; this is the economic means. The other is uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others; this is the political means.

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Clean Energy = Socialism
Clean energy has been the buzzword in the United States for the last few years. I am assuming that clean energy means energy that produces zero carbon emissions. It is an interesting concept for several reasons.

First, clean energy has been available for a long time. It comes in the form of solar energy, wind energy, ocean currents, etc. Since it has been around so long, why hasn’t it been used on a larger scale? Power companies or companies that produce electricity, by nature, are local in scope. They are not controlled by oil companies or fossil fuel companies, so that cannot be the reason. Power companies could be producing clean energy on a large scale if they chose to. The only other reason I can think of is that it is not economically viable to produce clean energy on such a large scale. Think about how efficient energy from fossil fuels is. You have one power plant centrally located that produces all the energy needs of its consumers. If you were to provide that same quantity of energy using clean energy only, you would need a space much, much larger. It would require thousands of solar panels and wind turbines and would be dependent on plenty of sunshine and wind. If there were no sunshine or wind or waves then there would be no energy. Currently, energy production by fossil fuels is not dependent on the climate.

Second, nuclear energy is clean energy because it produces negligible carbon emissions. The United States has very few nuclear power plants, whereas countries such as France have most of their energy needs met by nuclear power. If the clean energy movement were really about producing clean energy, then nuclear energy would need to be used; but I suspect that the clean energy movement is really a cover for the socialist movement in America, which has a long and proud history of chipping away at what it calls the “evils of capitalism” and “consumerism.” The proponents of socialism or government controlled planning of the economy have been fighting a war of ideas against capitalism or economic freedom and individual decision making over the economy for over 150 years now. These fights have clearly been won by the socialists over the last century judging by the size and level of interference of the federal government.

The proponents of socialism have been clever in their battle for control of the United States economy. They have used people’s love of the environment to pass laws that have seriously hurt the ability of the American economy to meet her energy needs and demands under the guise that the Earth is incredibly fragile and cannot possibly meet the energy needs of its inhabitants. For decades, they have been claiming that the Earth is fast running out of oil. This tactic has been going on since the 1930s, yet here were are 80 years later and oil is still being pumped out of the ground. The truth is that the world’s oil supply is continually increasing and that there is a lot of oil in the ground. Most of the world’s oceans have not even been searched for oil. Technology exists not that can be used to retrieve oil that could not be retrieved in the past. Oil companies are even searching for oil in places they have already searched as technology improves for identifying oil deposits. The problem is not the lack of oil or even fossil fuel energy. The problem is federal government’s environmental laws and regulations which restrict where, when, and how energy companies can get at that oil. The dirty little secret is there is no energy shortage in the world. It is an artificial energy shortage being created by governments. The same politicians that cry for windfall profit’s taxes and relief at the pump are the same politicians who refuse to allow the building of nuclear power plants and drilling of for known oil on American soil. It is complete absurdity to cry about high oil costs, yet not allow American companies access to the very thing, oil supply, that would drive down the costs. It is a simple economic law that the price of any commodity rises as the supply drops or is limited and the demand increases. If you want oil prices to drop, then you either need to restrict demand or increase supply. Restricting demand means central planning of the economy or socialism. The only answer that respects freedom is to allow the building of nuclear power plants and the drilling and exploration for oil. The federal government and those who love socialism need to get out of the way. I love the environment just like most Americans do, but I also do not believe that I have the right to hurt someone economically because of my environmental beliefs. I do not believe that the air can be 100% clean or the water can be a 100% clean without costs. There are tradeoffs in every decision. I suspect that most people would rather have a nice job, great standard of living, and live with some pollution than not; yet environmentalists and environmental laws do not acknowledge this. It is an all or nothing thing to this bunch of zealots. I would even submit that the environmental movement has been run by lovers of socialism and that their sole aim has been to harm the American economy or the capitalist way in order to bring about socialism in America. They have told the American people that strict environmental laws come at no cost to them, that having a “pristine” environment is better than having “jobs” or a “good standard of living.” They seek to impose their brand of “clean” living upon others without seeking the consent of the masses. This is not freedom, but is socialism instead. The truth is that there are tradeoffs in all aspects of life. You can’t have “pristine” and have “energy” at the same time, unless you are willing to allow nuclear power as well, yet the environmentalists will not allow plants to be built. They seek to live in a time before fossil fuels were discovered. They wish to plunge America into energy darkness before the time of fossil fuel. They speak of clean energy, but not of the reality that “clean energy” really means limited energy, because clean energy to them does not mean nuclear energy. It means energy created by non-fossil fuel methods.

Fossil fuels are the life blood of a capitalist economy or an economy predicated upon freedom, not central planning. Fossil fuels allowed the masses to control where they went, when they went, and how they went. Clean fuels mean central planning because the amount of energy that can be produced by clean energy is miniscule compared to fossil fuels. Clean energy is the ultimate weapon of the proponents of socialism. It is a clever disguise to restrict the freedom of the American people under cover of environmental laws and the environmental movement. These proponents of socialism have known for a long time that the best way to kill capitalism is to kill oil and fossil fuels. They originally tried to attack this by claiming that the sky would fall because oil would run out. This has proven false for decades now. I very well remember the alarmist stories being prostituted in the early 1980s that said, in essence, that oil was going to run out by the year 2000; yet that year came and went with oil being cheap and readily available. But socialists never gave up. They instead added to their arsenal and claimed that fossil fuels were going to exterminate mankind due to global warming. They claimed that the Earth was too fragile and that we had reached a tipping point. Fossil fuels were the enemy. Interestingly, I would suspect that those who plied this theory were predominantly of a socialist orientation, being primarily found on the left politically. The scientific evidence of a strong link between global warming and fossil fuel consumption is weak at best. They will claim it is incontrovertible that fossil fuels are the main driver of global warming. If that were true, then how can one explain the global cooling period of the 1970s or even the period we are experiencing right now? The truth would appear to be that the Earth has some kind of mechanism that protects us from killing ourselves. It is not as fragile as the environmentalists wish us to believe. The truth is that the environmental movement is really an extension of the socialist movement. It seeks to harm the economy of the United States and restrict the freedom of its people using clever words such as “clean energy.” Don’t be fooled by these all or nothing arguments. The truth is that you can’t have pristine and have freedom. Pristine means returning back to the dark ages. Clean energy cannot produce the same amount of energy that we enjoy today. Less energy means a lower standard of living. It means government control of your lives. It means loss of freedom. It means rationing of energy and who will control that rationing? The government and the socialists will control this rationing of course. After all, they are the ones that believe in the elite governing the masses. It means socialism, pure and simple.

The truth is that this Earth is full of energy, easily accessible and readily available. The shortages that we are experiencing, which have led to higher gasoline and energy prices are government made. If those in the government wanted energy prices to decline, it would be easy to do. They would allow nuclear power plants to be built at a record pace. After all, if it is safe for the French, don’t you think it would be safe for us? They would allow oil companies to drill for oil where they find it. But then again, it really isn’t about that for socialists. They seek to harm the American economy. They want an energy shortage because then they can offer the “clean” energy solution, which is nothing more than the rationing of energy and the killing of the capitalist economy and your freedom. What the federal government is good at doing is creating false crises and then offering a solution for a crisis they created. The solution, as it has always been, is freedom. Freedom brings about innovation and progress, not government interventionism and socialism. If you want to go back to the dark ages, then you want “clean” energy. If you want to continue to enjoy a high standard of living, then you will want the government to step out of this debate and allow individuals and businesses access to the inexhaustible amount of energy that exists in this world today. Energy means freedom to live like you want, to do what you want, and to pursue your hopes and dreams as you see fit. Energy is freedom and this Earth is full of energy. Ignore the socialists. Ignore their cleaver arguments for they lead to nothing more than tyranny and imprisonment. They will enjoy the benefits of “clean” energy at your expense because they will control who gets the energy. Isn’t that how it worked in the Soviet Union, in China, and every other socialist country of the past and present? The elite always take care of themselves.
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