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No one can think intelligently on the many complicated problems of American foreign policy unless he decides first what he considers the real purpose and object of that policy…There has been no consistent purpose in our foreign policy for a good many years past…Fundamentally, I believe the ultimate purpose of our foreign policy must be to protect the liberty of the people of the United States.

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Politicians and the Poor
During a political season, two things never cease to amaze me. First, how can rich politicians pretend to make poverty a political issue? Second, why do poor voters assume that rich politicians and their government ideas for getting rid of poverty will work? I am not a rich man. I am what you would call an educated, middle income man. I aspire to be rich, but I am beginning to realize that rich politicians who wish to use the government to redistribute income to the poor are my enemy. Here is why.

First, these politicians wish to increase tax on the rich. This is fine for them, because they are already rich. This tax scheme won’t affect them at all. They’ve already made their money. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are already multi-millionaires and soon to be even richer. What they consider rich really is not rich at all. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wish to increase the tax on those who make more than $250,000 a year. Is that really rich in America? They make way more than $250,000 a year. Progressive taxation like they want to see it really is nothing more than a barrier to someone who wants to be rich. If you are middle class or poor and aspire to be rich, a higher tax rate on someone who makes more than $250,000 a year means that you will need to work even harder to overcome that higher tax rate and become rich. It appears that politicians who wish to tax the rich more really care about the poor, but in fact their policies really protect their own wealth by making it more difficult for others to become rich. They don’t care about the real effects of these policies because they are comfortably already rich.

Second, if these politicians really cared about the poor, don’t you think that they would donate a sizable portion of their income to the poor, yet I don’t see that. John Edwards built a house bigger than 10,000 square feet. Barack Obama donated less than 10% of his income to charity and just bought a $1.5 million plus home.

The promises of these types of politicians to solve the problem of poverty by taxing the rich are really serving their own interests, which are to stay rich and to stay in a position of power to dictate to many others what they should do, what they should think, and what they have. Progressive taxation is really a barrier to become rich. A higher marginal tax rate on the rich (defined as someone who makes over $250,000 a year), which is currently be advocated by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, only serves as a higher barrier for someone who aspires to work hard to be rich. Also, I never trust a politician who doesn’t their money where their mouth is. Neither Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, nor John Edwards has done so. They enjoy the fruits of their labors. Why do they wish to take other’s fruits from them? I hate it when people use the government to get rich and to protect their wealth. It is even more frustrating when citizens who vote for these politicians don't see what is going on.
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